Scripture and a Snapshot #35 – John 19: 17,18

My daughter-in-law, Kelly, made this quilted table runner for me for Easter. It is such a blessing! Every time I look at the stitching, the colors of the swatches of material and the delightful mix of bunnies and lambs with the message of the sacrifice of the Lamb, I sing in my heart with joy! We are halfway through Lent and Jesus is heading toward the cross. Soon it will be Good Friday, but Easter People need not despair because as Tony Campolo says, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin'” Click below to hear a snippet by Tony himself!

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Comin’

Be blessed,



9 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #35 – John 19: 17,18

  1. Oo, pretty runner. And your photography gives it (or brings out) a lovely iridescent glow.
    It also joys me to see the cross central and standing out in contrast, overpowering the bunnies and eggs and baby chicks. As cute as all those things are, it’s the cross and resurrection I want to focus on, come Holy Week. 😉

    PS I think I might have that same quilt-as-you-go table runner pattern, yet unused. Hm… (inspiration?)

  2. Hallelujah! the best news ever! Jesus gave His live for us and rose from the grave to prove He has power over death! Thanks for this lovely post, Dawn. Rejoicing with you.
    The runner is a gorgeous gift… so very thoughtful of Kelly!

  3. I love how the deep purple borders the patch with the crosses and draws the eye to that which is central to our faith. What a lovely gift! Your scripture is a perfect match.

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