Scavenger Hunt Sunday #24

This week the prompts for Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley Sisk are:

  1. Vintage
  2. Word or Quote
  3. Nature’s Own
  4. People
  5. Photographer’s Choice

What I thought I was going to post changed all week long. That rarely happens. I just had a lot of good opportunities this week. No pressure, ha! I hope you joined in because I will be looking for what you found. If you did not hunt this week, click on the Scavenger Hunt Sunday button in the right-hand column and check out what others did this week, get the prompts for next week and join right in. We post Sunday through Tuesday.


This is Grigg’s Coffee Shop where little has changed in 100 years! This is where my husband gets his coffee (whole bean to grind at home) and where he buys brazil nuts for on top of my ice cream at night. It is in my hometown of Montoursville. Now that I’m becoming one of the “oldtimers,” I find it comforting that something I’ve known since childhood stays the same.

One Word or Quote

This is a sign outside Grigg’s Coffee Shop. It is new. I guess they wanted everyone to know they were really old so they had this big sign put over their door. Just think of that–established in 1912. I know Europeans and Asians would wonder why I thought something 100 years old was old, but this is America and we really aren’t that old.

Nature’s Own

I have this tree and stars on the wallpaper in my bedroom, but this shot was in a family’s yard two blocks from my house. It was “nature’s own”! I have to show you a shot of my bedroom so you can see what I mean


I took this picture for my 3-year-old grandson, Max. He wants to drive monster trucks when he grows up and loves all super-heroes. This was a comic book store. Interesting people were in the windows!

Photographer’s Choice

This is the quilted runner that my daughter-in-law made for my table. I LOVE it. It is the header for my Facebook page, my photo for Scripture and a Snapshot and now my Photographer’s Choice for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Did I mention I LOVED it?

I do,



14 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #24

  1. Really enjoyed these. Clever choices, all. I especially like your “vintage,” and the accompanying sign, because I would love that place!!! I so enjoy those stores that are a step back in time, and hate like everything if they “update” or close. And good whole bean coffee… mmmm! (Think I’ll go get some, brewed, right now!)

    • Sylvia,

      How’d your coffee turn out? I bet your kitchen smelled really good. There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly ground coffee. I even have a candle I burn that is hazelnut coffee scented!

      Come on down and we’ll go to Grigg’s one day,

    • Thanks, Tamar! This was fun to put together. That is not always the case. Sometimes I just can’t find anything that suits me. This week it all came together. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. I love these! Your people one put just the smile on my face that I need to go out and meet this beautifully snowed upon Mach day!
    Your popcorn in the vintage one caught my eye. My mom used to tell my husband before we married that he would only get popcorn sandwiches to eat (not that my love of popcorn ever went that far) ha ha !
    I can only imagine your Springish looking “Nature’s Own”…we had an amazing blanket of snow cover our Northlands again through the night and it looks like we are ready for Christmas all over again. Perhaps I took my tree down too early 🙂
    “Established 1912” lovely photo… I love calligraphy!
    Jesus, became flesh and dwelt among us…. a starting point for us to know Him ever better…. still, in the beginning, the Word was… imagine just being… before anything was ever established… Our life here is so short in comparison to “ever after” and “always was”
    Loved this post dear friend! Blessings! Cheers!

    • Dear Susan,

      You DID take your tree down too soon. For you winter last until Easter which means tree does not come down until bunnies can hop without snow on the ground. Hmmm, maybe you should keep the tree up until Pentecost!!!!

      No matter, at least you are not in Narnia where it is always winter but never Christmas. Wherever you are, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and forever after are there. He certainly takes care of everything, doesn’t He?

      Blessed assurance,

  3. Dear Dawn . . . your entire set has a lovely vintage feel to it. I especially love your nature’s own. It is indeed like the wallpaper in your room. Love the people in the comic book store window. Would love to sit in your hometown coffee shop with you someday, dear friend.

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      We could spend the whole day smelling the different coffee and teas, couldn’t we? Right next door is a pet store, too. What more could anyone need?

      I truly couldn’t believe my eyes when that little tree went in the ground and then when the woman hung the primitive star welcome flag over it, I had deja vu!
      It was truly nature’s own!

  4. That runner!!!! Awesome! and that tree and star – I’m glad you put that picture of your bedroom in there – because you really, REALLY – do have that tree. I hearted that! And, by the way, I noticed in the picture – below the banner’s poll – a little welcome sign– with the rear end of a little muttly – made me smile. God bless and keep you Dawn.

    • Ashley,

      I didn’t know what to do for people and I was walking up the street from taking the nature shot and I saw these action heros in the comic book shop windows. Voila! It was a miracle! lol!


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