Scripture and a Snapshot #36 – Isaiah 61:11

I say to my husband, the Preacher, “Is the word magnolia in the Bible?” He did not know and a google search and a perusal of Strong’s Concordance proved negative and so, I had no verse for my lovely picture. I went on a hunt using all kinds of garden words and when I came upon Isaiah 61:11, I said, “It is good.”

Have a wonderful weekend. Jesus reigns!



20 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #36 – Isaiah 61:11

  1. Yes, it is good. All of Isaiah 61 is more than good, and has special personal meanings for me. Good to “hear” it in your quote this morning, and see it in your photo. Thanks!
    And yes, my first thought was, Is she taking a picture of a magnolia *already*? Strange year this is, with spring spring way ahead in the NE and blizzards in the SW, etc., etc. But God’s hand is in it all. “Praise be!” 😉

  2. Such a beautiful picture, Dawn! There is just something about Spring when those first buds start popping out. And magnolias — they are just so beautiful!!!!!

    I agree with Sylvia about Isaiah 61. Infact, the whole book of Isaiah has such beautiful nuggets tucked in it. I always pictured the man, Isaiah, as he wrote as one who would write these prophesies with tears, and then smile broadly as God gave him such comforting words mixed with the warnings. Always hope! Always the coming of Spring. Always the the thawing and the beginning again!!!

    • Oh, Cora,

      Your description of Isaiah is so beautiful. As I became older, I began to appreciate Isaiah more and more but I never quite knew why. What you write above says it.

      Love you,

      PS Check out my scavenger hunt this weekend, Cora. You’ve been with me since the black raspberries got root rot. I have a picture of the first sprout in my new patch. It’s just the beginning…

    • I loved this tree the moment I saw it. When I downloaded the picture once I got home, I was amazed. I am SO happy you liked it, too.

      As usual, I can’t wait to see your Scavenger Hunt.

      Sweet dreams,

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