Scavenger Hunt Sunday #25

Searching every week for five pictures to match the five prompts for Scavenger Hunt Sunday really quiets my soul and keeps me intentional about surveying my surroundings and taking everything in. This is being “present”. Ann Voskamp says that when I am present, I meet God, the great I AM, and so I hunt. Hunting keeps me present. Ann says “sensing all wonder is the thrill of the hunt.” I can feel it when I see it, when I frame it, when I shoot it, and when I post it. Each captured moment was a present moment at one time and left me full of wonder. When all five captures are placed together on one page, I get to relive those moments in a new present, meeting God to speak to each one who passes by here with a rhema word. Thanks for hosting this wonderful opportunity, Ashley Sisk!

The prompts this week were:

  1. Whimsy
  2. Create
  3. Dust
  4. Seed or Sprout
  5. Swing or Drop


I found these whimsical pigs at T J Maxx! I just couldn’t resist shooting them! The store clerks humored me and even removed the distracting price sign for maximum whimsy, ha!


At Starbucks you get to create your own oatmeal. They give you the oatmeal, nuts, dried cranberries and raw brown sugar. Voila!


Look what I found in the dust! AND one is blue (for boys) and one is pink (for girls). I am glad the people who own these are not my neighbors.

Seed or Sprout

This is the first sprout from my newly planted red raspberries. Those of you who are regular readers may remember how my black raspberries were wiped out by orange rust and root rot. My DH pulled them all out by hand last fall and put red raspberries in their place. Red raspberries are supposed to be resistant to the diseases that plagued our black raspberries. As I was preparing this photo for display, Danelle over at He Sees Me gave me this wonderful gardening picture which I share with you now:

I was just reading last night about God as the “gardener”. How God is first seen in Genesis as the Gardener, creating. He was not first seen as a judge or a ruler. . but as a Gardener. And how when Jesus comes back on the third day, he is first mistakenly thought to be the gardener. But it is no mistake. He is The Gardener. If we bloom where we are planted we do indeed fill the emptiness of the world with Him. ~Danelle

Swing or Drop

Grandson, Harry IV, figured out a  way to drop bread to the ducks in the pond at the park without getting run over by them. Memories for me!



16 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #25

  1. These are great! All such fun. Your sprout looks so green and alive and vibrant and hopeful — and that grandson one is so precious, has to be my fav! Just love it!
    I’ve been debating whether to invest the time to gather up my remaining captures for this week’s hunt. Your words really make me see value in that time use. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Sylvia,

    I really need a way to slow, and at this point in the process, having something to do to keep me focused to enable the slowing is a great gift. Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt has been a gift to me. In addition, I get to learn some awe-inspiring photographic techniques by being linked to the photographic community. I hope to your Scavenger Hunt posted soon.


  3. What a great post. Thank you for the pictures and your grandson is very clever! Thanks for sharing and giving me smile this morning. Also, I have a job interview in about 30 mintues with TJ Maxx (your first pic)…….coincidence? haha God bless!

  4. Dear Dawn . . . I love your opening words. I am convinced that we lose so much when we try to separate the sacred from the secular. When God is with us, He is with us everywhere we are and in all that we do. I am sure He loves doing the hunt with you, sweet friend.

    Love the pigs and the colour coded potties . . . what a hoot! Bless those tender young raspberry shoots, LORD, keep that rot and root disease away. Harry and the ducks is just adorable and so clever. I am still working on mine but should have them ready by link-up time.

  5. Harry and the ducks and raspberry shoots make all my ‘Spring’ senses stand still and shout holy…
    so gorgeous!
    I love the two toilets… matching his and hers… wherever did you find these?
    Our snow is really evaporating… not so much melting. Quite outstanding.
    We saw a racoon tonight … quite unusual for this neck of the woods but cute like your whimsical piggies!

    • Susan,

      The toilet property is only about 5 blocks from my house. My husband and I have been perusing different streets at twilight enjoying new discoveries in our own neighborhood. This one was quite unusual. Sublimating snow, eh? What does that look like? Clouds? That is one of next week’s prompts. You could begin next week!

      Hint. hint,

  6. I love those pigs, too!!!! That’s when you know you are old —- when things come and go, come and go, come and go. . . !!!!! Piggy banks were so “in” years back. I remember going to a craft store and painting a HUGE one for myself. I loved that thing!

    And the raspberry plant????? That whole picture spoke volumes to me. Seeing the dead of last year, the wrinkled up, dried leaves, and then that bright green shoot of hopefulness made me think of my own life. So much waste, deadness, and what looked like a hopeless cause. Yet, the miracle of it all is that He makes all things new again with new life. That picture is almost . . . . Holy!

  7. Dear Cora,

    I began this reply 3 hours ago and then my cell phone rang and my mother’s husband was very sick so I went to their house. He is stable for the night and they’ll call the doctor in the morning. I just got home and there was a fire in a house about a block up from our house so naturally we had to go see the firemen chop into the roof and the ladder trucks put their ladders up against the second story windows. I took a picture with my cell phone.

    Anyway, I was so very moved by your comment describing my old raspberry plants and then talking about your life how the sprout of the new raspberry bush made you think of your new life. Is it no wonder I love you, Cora. What a heart you have.

    Sweet dreams, Sweet Person,

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