Once I was blind, but now I (am beginning to) see

Since I have been taken out of hospital nursing and mercifully set down in the community, I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I am taking care of real needs of real people who have always been there, but I.didn’t.see.them!!!!  Forgive me, Father.

I am thankful for my Heavenly Father’s amazing grace that enables me to be thankful for

#575 St. Anthony’s Center free medical clinic that serves everyone  for free and allows me to be a nurse there on Wednesdays.

#576 Health Care Initiatives at the Christian and Missionary Alliance church that showed me how they care every Thursday.

The chief administrator is a man who is thankful he lost his sense of smell after treatment for a brain tumor. He says this “gift” enables him to help people more easily.  He is not sickened by their smell as he lovingly takes care of their hygiene needs.

#577 Dee McGee, a nurse who does blood pressures after the Sunday sermon at St Paul’s Calvary United Methodist Church.

#578 the contrast of my friend Debbie Steinbacher who now runs St Anthony’s center since downsizing took her from the hospital and another nurse who was terminated and is really looking for another high paying hospital job so she can keep going to Las Vegas. I am careful that I learn what He wants to teach me because there are so many shiny things.

#579 Cherie feeling ever more confident about parish nursing.

#580 the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation who gave $300 million dollars to Penn State to investigate how neighborhood collaboratives in the private sector can take care of their own health care needs so that people are not running to the emergency room all the time.

#581  Walmart offering drugs at greatly reduced prices as “lost leaders” to get people into their stores. It is a win-win. They are making their own brand insulin for $25.00 per vial which is 1/4 the cost of other brands. This will bring people into their store and will greatly enhance the ability of many of the working poor to afford their insulin. (Simultaneously, health care workers have another resource while we work together with neighbors to reduce waistlines which, in many cases, reduces the need for insulin.)

#582 First Place 4 Health, a Christian weight loss program that deals with the whole person: body, mind, spirit and emotions.



#583 Michele over at http://www.byhisgrace211.worpress.com who keeps me aware of the struggles in the addiction community (and aren’t we all addicted to something?) and nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I get to choose as many as 7 others to receive this award and I will be doing that tomorrow. Please come back because one of them just might be you.

#584 my husband has his first appointment with our new family practice physician and my sister has her first appointment with a physician in the wound center outside our current hospital system. I pray both will receive the care they need.

#585 our hospice dog in renal failure who seems to have renewed energy after his winter curly coat was removed.

#586 my son who is a fabulous father to my grandchildren. (Here he is making s’mores with his oldest and his youngest this past Saturday.)

#587 the family who lived in this burned-out house all being rescued without injury last evening after a space heater set their rocking chair on fire.

Singing hosanna with the Multitudes this Monday as we head toward Palm Sunday,



7 comments on “Once I was blind, but now I (am beginning to) see

  1. I loved #578 and “. . .so many shiney things.” It does help to have piled-on years and a little wisdom thrown in, as we tend to be able to turn away from from them. But there are times when it’s so tempting. Today, my prayer is that I will keep my heart from wanting those shiney things that blind me from “seeing” what is really important and worth grabbing for.

    And your little hospice pooch!!!! What a darling! There is a word in dutch that I can just hear my father saying. Loosely translated, it would mean “poor, dear, little soul.”
    It was always said with a sympathic and caring tone, and you just knew what it meant without asking. In phonetics (because I can’t spell it) it sounded like “arromastockert.” We, as kids, shortened to “stockert,” and used the word for someone having a pitty party — a “poor-pitiful-me” person. Anyways, that’s what I thought of when I saw your little guy!

    Great list today, Dawn!

  2. Dear Cora,

    I had a lengthy reply to you and I hit the wrong button and deleted it. I hope I can remember all I said to you. The part about the shiny thing I thought you’d get right away since we both come from Craig’s and he is always warning us about the shiny thing that can keep us distracted. You zeroed right in on it.

    I really appreciated the Dutch lesson and I was so hoping you would give the phrase and you did (phonetically). I want to start to use it for Sebastian arromastockert, an endearing little nickname just for him. It reminded me of Stockard Channing, an actress I have always loved. Anyway, I was making chicken pot pie and poured broth over his food to encourage him to eat better today. He did!

    I am going to a covered dish dinner this evening for a little socialization with members of the Pennsylvania Sustainable Agriculture Association of our district. We meet at the Bullfrog Brewery (upstairs) in a meeting room set aside for us. We will hear a man who used to be an engineer for Kellogg, but went back to school to get a Master’s in Education and now teaches kindergarten and has an organic vegetable farm. John Tewksbury is going to share about his farm-to-school program he does in the Muncy School District. I think this is one more piece of the health puzzle (childhood obesity), no?

    Please pray, Cora, that I can keep all these health “balls” in the air, and can make sense of them when the time is right.

      • I watched the trailer you had posted on Facebook and I re-posted to my page. This is very much like Food, Inc. Lots of great information! Thanks for the Heads Up! I need this info for the vision. You bless me!

  3. I am singing Hosanna with you… gosh! how could I not after such an amount of God Beauty in your post! Just this Sunday, studying Job in church we saw how many of these difficult things in our lives that we would first judge as tragedies, God can show us as the blessing of His Grace.
    …even down to the loss of being able to smell… Wow!
    I also loved the “shiny thing’ reference 🙂
    God’s ways are always abundant in blessings… as He gives us eyes to see “His sparkle” in it all… I am so glad He is so patient with us.

  4. Oh my, Susan, we could do a whole post or a poem (you, the poem) about how God can bring such sparkle that there is no shiny thing that can distract. How awesome is this? Thanks, as always, for your words which always cause me to see more.

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