The Sacrifice of Persistant Prayer

One thing that really annoys me is when something happens and an arbitrator hears one side of the story and decides punishment for the crime before hearing the other’s side of the story. I remember that happening to my older daughter in grade school. Something happened between her and another child on the playground and the other child got to the principal first. Without hearing Joyce’s side of the story, the principal determined a punishment for my daughter. I thought it unbelievable that a principal would do such a thing and went in to talk to her about the unfairness of it. That was my first experience with an unjust judge.

It is now some 30 years later and the very same thing is happening where I work. This time to grown-ups! People are being accused of wrongdoing and are not being asked their side of the story. Sequential write-ups of unsubstantiated misbehaviors are placed in human resource folders without a hearing until the magic number is met for termination. I have seen this happen repeatedly over the past 6 months since I had the tactic done to me. Yesterday it happened to a good friend of mine AND they fired her over the phone!

Jesus tells a parable of an unjust judge in Luke 18: 1-7.  A poor widow has a dispute that needs to be settled, but does not have the money to bribe the judge to hear her case. So instead she simply pesters him, follows him, seeks him out to implore him to listen to her every chance she gets until one day he grants her request simply so she will let him alone. This is a parable Jesus told in order to teach Christians to pray and not give up

7 And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? 8 I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. Luke 18:7-8a

And so, I keep praying for justice for the dozens who have been treated unjustly and terminated at the hospital where I used to work. Hospital administrators have gone from unjust, but civil, termination to unjust termination by speaker phone. In my opinion, termination by speaker phone is unconscionable. If God opens the window of opportunity, I am ready to rally a human rights violation. I am persistently praying, not because I think God needs reminded of our situation here on the ground, but to keep me focused. He is working, working, working for all of us. I can feel Him by our side. I can see His mighty hand in all of this and I so don’t want to miss a moment, so I am…

Persistently praying as I walk with Him this Wednesday,



11 comments on “The Sacrifice of Persistant Prayer

  1. My dearest Dawn! Wow! It is so hard to imagine these thngs happening after we have fought as a nation and throughout the world for so long to put an end to unjustness in the workforce. Eduardo and I just watched the movie, Made in Dagenham, an excellent retelling of the woman in England fighting towards equal pay … The lady in it reminds me of you and how you have a human rights issue and a number of people in the same dilema and it is worth fighting for justice here!
    I will be praying ‘persistently’ for you all. May God give the grace needed to bring His Light back in where it belongs. Blessings and strength in Jesus my dear friend. He has already gone before you to show us what is right.

    He has shown thee O man what is good and what does the Lord require of you. But to do justly and to seek mercy and to walk humbly with your God. ~MICAH 6:8

    • Oh, my Susan,

      Your words may be prophetic. I was just talking to a physician friend of mine today about all this and he said about the same words as you did about the human rights issue and the growing number of people in the same situation. I will pray about this.

      I love you, Dear Sister,

  2. Dawn, first let me say that I am always so moved by the verse in Micah that thefisherlady used. Such a simple thing to ask of us, and put in such a way that even a child can understand. Yet, we find it so hard to do justly and seek mercy and walk humbly. It sends shivers up my spine as I read of the rampant growth of human trafficking and the sex trade in our own country.

    I felt the hot pangs of conviction here as I read your post. I wonder if I’ve ever pestered the Lord enough for him to hand me the whole plate instead of just the crumbs that fall. This begs the question as to how deeply I believe in what I’m asking for and how deeply I believe in the One who can deliver the answer! I HATE what these corporations are doing to these good people. You know, sometimes I watch “Undercover Boss” and you can see that these CEO’s and bosses are so out of touch with the people who actually do the work of the company. Some are moved to tears when they work side by side with their employees and realize what the do and their commitment to their jobs.

    I somehow feel your sacrifice of persistant prayer will be answered, Dawn. Maybe not in ways you think. But when our hearts are in line with the Father’s heart and we want what He wants, then things begin to happen. I’m in prayer with you!

    • Dearest Prayer Pit Bull Cora,

      Anyone who can look cancer in the face and fight it through is someone I want on my side! Pray your heart out, Cora, because the Lord is working among us. It doesn’t matter if you live in sunny Florida or snowy British Columbia. He is gathering us.

      Thank you, thank you for joining me at the throne of grace. I’ll be the one with a dog!

  3. Dear Dawn . . . As I read this, the story of Esther comes to mind. In the face of deep injustice she was brought to the kingdom “for such a time as this” . . . that relief and deliverance would come out of her intervention. I believe you have found favour in the sight of The King, that your requests and petitions will be answered and He may indeed use little old you to prepare a banquet for “Haman”. We know how that all ended. My prayers are with you for guidance and timing and courage . . . all that you need. Big hugs, girl!

    Oh, before I forget again, I heard/read a prophetic word from Kris Vallotton in the last week or so where the LORD showed him the United States and the state of Pennsylvania was highlighted . . . like neon. He said something powerful was going to flow out of Pennsylvania to the rest of the US and the world. I say Yes, Lord, let Dawn be a part of it.

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      Wow! This is mighty powerful “stuff,” but I believe we have many spiritual leaders here in Pennsylvania that would take up such a banner and run with it. I DO want to be a part of it.

      …setting a table for Haman. I can envision that. Won’t it just be fabulous to see where all this leads? I am so glad you have been with me from the beginning and help me learn the art of life.


    • I just had to say something here!!! I LOVE Esther! Of all the women in the Bible, I think she stands out as the one I would like to be like. Being a middle child of 5, and the middle one of three girls, I’m a peace maker, an even-keel, mediator, find the middle line type of person. The negative side of a middle child is that we tend to compromise a lot. We don’t do black and white —- we look for the middle-ground gray areas. And life is not always like that. Esther saw black and white and went for what was white and right. We need a country full of Esthers!

      • Dear Cora,

        I, too, am a peacemaker by nature. They call such a person a phlegmatic in the LeHaye Spirit-Controlled Temperament book. I understand completely what you wrote above. My husband is a black and white choleric and he needs my sensitivity to compromise as much as I need his decisiveness. We’re two halves who make a whole.

        I love Esther, too,

  4. This has not taken God by surprise. And He has equipped you well to handle this in order to bring Him glory. Remember to find the joy, to find the blessings, to find God in all of this because you don’t want to look back and have a single regret. I can’t wait to hear how God uses you in all of this!

  5. Oh, Cristal,

    You sound like my Starbuck’s friend, Cherie, who always says, “Have no regrets!” This is sage advice and I take it deeply to heart. I love that you dropped by and left this comment. You are a witness to Cherie’s admonitions. I thank the Lord for my community here.

    You bless me, Cristal,

  6. I sympathize. I had that done to me in school, and also in the work place, mainly because the other person had been there longer and had her boss wrapped around her little finger. My prayers are with y’all.

    God Bless,

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