God listens to everyone

Yesterday my post was about persistent prayer. I talked about the poor widow who wearied a judge so much by her persistence that he gave her what she wanted. Jesus explained that God will grant our requests so much more quickly because He loves us and wants to give us what we want. I then asked myself, “Why then do we have to persist? Why does Luke 18:7 say

And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them? (KJV)

I wonder why Jesus has to “bear long with us” or “put us off” as the NIV says. Why can’t He just INSTANTLY grant us our requests assuming, of course, they are requests after His own heart? I found the answer in the margins of my very own Bible where I had handwritten notes from a sermon I had heard in my past.

Yesterday I said I was extremely annoyed by those who made decisions without hearing both sides of any story. I think this concerns God, too. When we are pleading our case before God in prayer, God is seeing all the implications of His answer–perhaps an infinite number of implications which gives every case many sides. We see through the knot hole of the fence. God sees above and beyond the fence. He is omniscient. He is also righteous and, as such, He must give everyone the time to make their case, even the Devil! It may seem like a long time from our finite perspective, but God is timeless.

The persistent prayers of God’s people ram the Evil One’s case to make it collapse. When we pray against the enemy, God pays attention, but He also pays attention to Satan (remember Job?); He pays attention to everyone. Human intercessors (rammers) punch holes in the Devil’s testimony and thwart his agenda.

What do you think of all this? I don’t have everything settled in my mind, but I’ve been convicted about my lack of intercessory prayer through writing this post. The Devil uses busyness, discouragement, frustration and fear to keep us from praying. Verse 8 asks, “…when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” I want Him to say He can see at least one whose been faith-full in Pennsylvania!

Because Jesus listens, I pray,



8 comments on “God listens to everyone

  1. What an insightful post! Getting a God’s-eye view of the thing. That’s usually pretty hard for us little mortals peeking through the knothole! (Great metaphor!)
    And it goes with the instructions (where I’m wading around) in James 1, telling us to be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath — which I have come to think, from context, is talking about prayer/conversation with God. In our storming of Heaven’s gates on behalf of an issue, it surely is a good thing to stop and listen to what He might have to say from up above! (I’m preaching to myself here this morning!!)
    As for the really persistent prayer you’re talking about, I unfortunately find it usually only arises from me when I get deeply moved about an issue. Maybe a lot of my/our busyness comes from our trying to ignore issues instead of get moved by them. Another reason God lets us build up steam before He answers? I dunno. 🙂 Just rambling.
    Anyhow, blessings to you in this issue — and prayers.

    • Prayer has always been a bit mysterious to me. Talking about issues with an omniscient God. It all seems so ludicrous until I realize that God’s word commands it. “Pray without ceasing” from Thessalonians for example.
      You can’t get any clearer than that!

      There are a lot of parts of my Christian life that I just don’t have worked out yet, but, in obedience, commit to because He says it. This space with my fellow believers in the Lord help me work through some of them. I am thankful for that.

      Have a glorious day. The wind is really blowing here. It is a good clothes-drying day and I am about to hang them out!

  2. Dawn, prayer has always been a mystery to me, too. After all, aren’t my days numbered long before I’m born (as with everyone else, too) so why pray about my health (or theirs). And why would I need wisdom, if He already knows what I’m going to do and how it’s going to turn out. As a younger Christian, none of it made any sense to me. Yet, as I’ve gotten older, more mature, and have tons of mistakes and bad decisions behind me, I’ve become more of a “prayer person.” I love the “knothole in the fence” thing, too. Usually, my first peek through the knothole and my first cry out to God would sound self centered, impatient, and “all about me.”
    It’s the “first pick” decision, the one that is the easiest, most convenient, the one I can see with my natural eyes, doesn’t cost me anything, etc.
    It comes back to the hymn, “Be thou my vision.” The “over the fence” vision: Who does this impact, who does it hurt, does this make me more like Christ, does it magnify Him instead of me? It’s amazing how our prayer changes over the days and weeks as we are persistant like the widow and continue asking. It would make a great study to audibly record our prayers and follow the almost unrecognizable maturing, the tiny changes, the little growing of selflessness that comes with repeated asking. I think God smiles and nods His approval when He finally hears those words, “Lord, not my will — please, YOU choose what is best in this whole situation.” I am not a persistant prayer person, I’m sorry to admit. Perhaps this will become my whole new thing: A PPP in training!!!! Thank you, Dawn!

  3. I always remember Daniel… God heard His prayer immediately and the answer was sent immediately but it was through the 21 days of prayer and fasting that the prayer finally came through the war that was raging in the heavenlies… I do not understand it but we are told that is where our real battles lie and from Daniel I see that persistent and believing prayer will bring our prayers already answered through the battle lines right to the ones intended… God is faithful… may we be too by the grace of God…
    love your posts Dawn… they always put us to thinking and… believing in the One who is able to do all things !
    I can see your clothes happy flying on the line… I will go find some robins and hear their song… also, yesterday we had our first two geese fly overhead after their long journey home to be in the family way. Winter is graciously fading into Spring… bowing ever so graciously out after giving its generous rest and refueling.

    Daniel chapter 10 (especially verses 12 & 13)
    if you could pray for little Lucy ….healing… grace
    and for my daughter’s yearling freisian on its way to the vet with a serious colic attack…. healing… grace

    Jesus may you be glorified through our lives

    • Dear Cora,

      PPP – persistent prayer person. This is such a lovely phrase! Wouldn’t it be great on my cremation urn or headstone? To be remembered as a prayer warrior would be enough. I am glad to read here that others struggle with the same questions I have or have had as a believer in Christ and also read how they have come to terms with their questions. When I develop a post, I always think, of late, how wonderful it is going to be to see this topic through the eyes and experiences of those who read here. AND THEN I come and just glean, glean, glean. I feel like Ruth in the fields of Boaz today. Thank you, Dear Cora, for sharing your wonderful heart with me.

      Love on the wind this blustery day,

    • Dear Susan,

      When you get back from hearing the robins sing, the geese honk and the snow melt, I hope you chance by here because I want you to get this great big THANK YOU for the Daniel references. Oh my, how that gave me a picture of what I was talking about! Daniel’s prayers are the ramming shims that split the barriers in two and allowed the answer to come!

      verse 12c thy words were heard and I have come for thy word

      healing…grace for Lucy
      healing…grace for the yearling


  4. And our God is yesterday, today and forever. He speaks and His answer settles in our past, our present and our future. He knows the end from the beginning, the beginning from the end. So we can trust that His answer, already sent, will be right for us and that it will arrive at the right time.

    Because only He knows.

    “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Prov 3:5-6

    C xxxx

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