What to do when you are falsely accused

I seem to be stuck this week on the idea of being falsely accused, wrongly judged and even simply misunderstood. I am reading Called to Controversy, the biography of Moishe Rosen, founder of Jews for Jesus. It was written by his daughter, Ruth. The end of Chapter 14 contains a story of Moishe during his Bible College years while he was out street preaching as a part of his education. This incident happened when he was two months away from graduation. By this time he was a seasoned street evangelist and occasionally he would draw a large enough crowd that a police officer in the neighborhood would come for crowd control to make sure there was a path on the sidewalk for passersby to walk.

This particular day, as Moishe was preaching a man began to shout at him and punch him in the stomach. Moishe learned later that the man was from the Anti-Shmad League, a group opposed to the mission and its representatives. Moishe was relieved when he heard police sirens heading his way, but his relief quickly turned to dismay when several in the crowd agreed with the perpetrator that Moishe had started the fight by punching the man and breaking his glasses. The man presented a pair of broken glasses to the police as evidence. The police arrested Moishe. Thirteen “witnesses” testified that Moishe was the aggressor. After all the witnesses made their statements and signed the report, another man came forward.

He was the retired captain of a nearby precinct. Within moments, the situation was entirely reversed. The man announced that he saw the whole thing and stated that he was Jewish and didn’t believe a word of what Moishe was saying, but he was ashamed of his own people for what they had done: “This guy didn’t do anything, ” he said, indicating Moishe with a jerk of his head. “He was just standing there, and they grabbed him and started hitting him.” He then pointed out who had done the grabbing and who had done the hitting. “And,” he added, “nobody was wearing glasses.”

As some of Moishe’s accusers began moving toward the door, the desk sergeant stopped them and said, “You have all committed a felony by turning in a false police report. You can’t leave, but even if you do it won’t matter. I’ve got your names and addresses right here.” Turning to Moishe, he said, “It’s up to Mr. Rosen if he wants to file a complaint.”

Moishe was overwhelmed and shaken, but what he did next is what I hope I would do in the same situation: he prayed. He sat down on the bench in the police station and silently prayed. On Monday as a part of Multitudes on Monday, I will share what God told Moishe Rosen to do about those who accused him of wrongdoing. You can wait till then or get a copy of this wonderful book and read it for yourself. I’ll be posting photographs Saturday and Sunday with Katie Lloyd’s Scripture and a Snapshot and Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Please come back. I love it when you visit.

Blessed to be traveling with the saints of God,



9 comments on “What to do when you are falsely accused

  1. What a story! Glad the truth came out, that time!
    And what a lure to Monday’s post! Since I can’t get my hands on the book — which sounds like a great one to have — I. can’t. wait. till. Monday! (You had to do this on a Friday, didn’t you? 😉
    Thanks for the great share. And God bless you and all the rest of the falsely accused down there. Sometimes it doesn’t “work out” as well as it did for Moishe Rosen (you can ask me how I know), but God still keeps working all things together… One way or the other, may His blessed purposes become evident, and glow bright!

  2. Dear Sylvia,

    I believe they all do (work out as well), perhaps not as “easily” or as ‘Immediately,” but I do believe, “as well.” Wellness is God’s prerogative, as is time, as is EVERYTHING and so I have to trust Him. Susan helped me with the time “thing” in the comment section yesterday when she sent me to look at Daniel and answers to prayer. He certainly works all things together and that is the key to my being patient. ALL things take time.

    I love this Bible Study comment section!!!!!! Hooray!

    PS E-mail me how you know.

  3. Thank the LORD for that retired captain and his strong moral compass that directed him to intervene even though he didn’t agree with Moishe’s message. Once again a situation is turned around by ONE PERSON who stood up for what was right. Looking forward to the rest of the story, as well as your weekend photo posts.

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      We are one person, aren’t we? What I do with this one vote, this one personhood can change everything. For wisdom, I must seek His face moment by moment, but I don’t. Why is slowing down such a difficult lesson? S-L-O-W down, slow down to a take-a-picture pace and listen, really listen. You just might hear something.

      Posting my slower moments this weekend,

  4. So this is what I get from this:
    #1 — Check my moral compass — is it totally in line with God’s Word?
    #2 — Live totally, at all times by my moral compass — never going off course, no matter what the cost.
    #3 — Never think that my word, my testimony doesn’t count for something
    #4 — take the time to see, to listen, to act, and to speak on the behalf of those who
    need defending.
    Such good stuff, Dawn.

  5. Dear Cora,

    I am going to send you a picture via e-mail. You will be amazed at the way our minds were in sync today. A better title for this would have been something with the phrase “moral compass” in it.

    Well, now it’s time to relax a bit and play with photographs. I LOVE to review and plan how to post photographs I have been taking all week long–so relaxing.

    Love you and miss your posts, but I’m glad you stop by here,

  6. this is marvelous encouragement for those caught in a similar situation… Rejoice when you are persecuted for doing what is right… great is your reward in heaven. A young mother who takes in foster babies towards adoption, here in our village, has endured some heavy false accusations and at ladies’ tea she was just crushed as she shared it. God’s word on this greatly encouraged her and later that day when she ministered in the jail she could encourage the downhearted women there to not give up… Such a blessing to see God bring victory through the battle…
    Thanks for sharing this lovely post Dawn.

    • My sister said at lunch today that you really can’t grow without a lot of heartache. She says when you have been there yourself, then you are useful to those going there. I get that, now. I am adding her to my prayer list of those going through battles. I have quite a list as I know you do, too.

      How is Dana doing? and your sweet Bethany? I know you are holding them close in your heart.

      Sweet resolutions,

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