Scripture and a Snapshot #37 – Romans 1:20b

Walking with my granddaughter, Jessica, in the woods, we came upon these whiffs of white fluff with star-shaped centers made by deep brown long seeds. I didn’t know what they were and we couldn’t find them in our nature book. What does one do when one can’t find something in their reliable nature book? We went on flicker and looked at seed photos that others had taken. These are the seeds of the clematis. I love clematis, but I never knew the seeds looked like this–almost like an anemone. It took me a long time to identify this and I hope I am correct. Here’s the picture I found on Flickr that identified it as clematis:

Their cluster is a lot thicker, but I think it is the same seed. This seed is so incredibly spectacular. It just shouts, “Glory to God in the highest!” Don’t you think?

Have a blessed weekend,



11 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #37 – Romans 1:20b

    • You are so kind, Sylvia. Over the past 9 months I have been looking at photography blogs and I have learned a lot. I could never have taken this macro of a seed a year ago.

      I’ve been blessed and I’m happy to turn around and bless, if He will use me,

  1. I absolutely agree Dawn… His glory is calling out wherever we look. His blessed name be praised.
    I have my Bethany here with us for a few days… God is doing His amazing healing thing that he does so well, His arms wrapped around us! Blessings to you dear friend. love your photo… I have a branch of that very plant sitting in my kitchen… amazed every time I see it, at the works of our God… It also always reminds me of emu feathers!

    • Dear Susan,

      The next time I see an emu I am going to take a closer look at its feathers! Hmmmm.

      Jesus is certainly the great healer. He’s taken care of me these past months. My little Sebastian is failing a little more every day. I love his spirit, though. He finds a wall and follows it when he loses his bearings. He sleeps a lot thankfully, He really is an independent one and seems to “resent” when I try to help him, but sometimes he just needs a boost. I pick him up and take him outside about every two hours in the day because he can’t find the door fast enough sometimes and he’s never made messes his whole life so I know he doesn’t want to.

      Bless you,

  2. I amazed (after reading Ann Voskamp’s book and meeting up with fellow joy seekers such as yourself) at how often I now find God in everything. Thank you for opening another window giving me a glimpse of His handiwork!

  3. So beautiful, Dawn and a great macro shot! I planted a clematis beside the arched trellis I got for my birthday last year and just love it. It didn’t quite make it over the arch last year but I am sure it will this year. You will no doubt see pictures as the year progresses. I do remember the the soft feathery seed pods that came after the flowers but mine were not as dense.

    I love the scripture you paired with this photo . . . I so often see that God lets us bloom where we are planted then gives us wings (feathers) to take us wherever the wind (the Spirit) blows.

  4. I can’t wait to see that clematis all over your trellis. Your hyacinths were stunning–so many colors and so many wonderful pots–all interspersed on your blog with thoughtful verse…

    Your final piece: God lets us bloom where we are planted then gives us wings (feathers) to take us wherever the wind (the Spirit) blows. It jump-started me this afternoon when I first read it and I needed the boost.

    Much love,

    • Sandra,

      I was amazed when I downloaded this when I got home. I hadn’t seen the sparkly dew before I got it on the big screen and the threads waved at me from the computer screen. I’m so happy you liked it, too.

      Thanks for leaving a comment to let me know.


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