Scavenger Hunt Sunday #26

It’s Palm Sunday! What a wonderful day to be here hunting with Ashley Sisk, and that is no April Fool’s joke! It is the beginning of Passion Week, the most precious week of the year for Christians. One of my photos this week has to do with heading toward Easter so I hope you have a look ALL the way down through to the end. The prompts this week were:

1. clouds, 2. sun flare, 3. seven, 4. high angle, and 5. low angle.


On our pond walk, the grandchildren and I noted that the cattails were in their “fluffy” phase. I read from the nature book that you can use the fluff for insulation to stay warm if you are ever out in cold weather and need some “down”. My 6-year-old granddaughter, Kira, said, “They look like clouds, Mamie!” I snapped the picture for clouds.

Sun flare

It has not been sunny here lately so I took this picture from my bike ride with my son two weeks ago. Here you can see the sun on my son as he stands at the entrance to the Peace Garden that runs along the Susquehanna River as does the bike trail. Check us out with our bikes on the inset.


Each Sunday throughout Lent my family lights a candle to celebrate a “mini-Easter”. The seventh Sunday of Lent is Easter so (because of the prompt and because it made a statement) the candle we will light on Easter is a big number 7. Seven has the connotation of perfection and rest in Christianity. This is the seventh Sunday in the time of Lent. It is the time when we are made perfect through the perfect sacrifice God was willing to make to atone (pay the price) for our sins. Do you see Jesus carrying His cross? His suffering will soon be over and we will celebrate His victory over death — His death and ours.

High Angle

I took this picture looking down on my clothes hanging on the clothesline from my kitchen window. I wasn’t quite sure this is what was meant by high angle. If I missed the meaning of the prompt chalk it up to being an amateur.

Low Angle

The same is true of this picture. I was not sure I understood what was meant by low angle, but I was lying on the ground under this tree shooting up for this one! A better picture would have been a shot of me under the tree…quite a sight, no doubt!

I hope you enjoyed this romp in my neck of the woods. I’m off to check out what others did this week,



8 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #26

  1. Your photos…. Often a virtual visit home… Always pondering fodder… Love them all. Love following you to glean from your journey. God is so good. May you be blessed this Holy Week and every day.

  2. Oh Dawn, I just love your cloud shot and the story behind it. That Peace Garden looks like a lovely place to ride bikes or take a walk with a camera. I commented on someone else’s post that I wondered about the angle shots too but then decided that, as is the case with all the prompts, we are free to interpret them according to our own understanding. My first thought was that high angle and low angle referred to the number of degrees in the angle and that’s what I went with. I have seen lots of variations on this prompt. I am giggling here at the sight of those stockings on the line and the thought of you laying under the tree. It was worth it though, ’cause it’s a great shot. Happy Holy Week, dear Dawn.

  3. I really like all of these, Dawn. Great pictures to go with the captions given. The cat tails??? My favorite! I remember there being a pond near us when I was a kid, and the banks were just full of them. In the winter, we would skate there — me with my delusions of grandeur of someday being an olympic star!!!! A close second was the journey to the cross and your “additions”. Just perfect!!!! Pictures reall are more than a thousand words, aren’t they?

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