Scavenger Hunt Sunday #27

Spring has officially sprung here. We have all the traditional spring flowers popping up everywhere. In the banner you can see my lovely crocus hugging the brick borders along my driveway. It is such a wonderful time of year for taking pictures. This week’s prompts on the scavenger hunt were 1) new,  2) life, 3) fragrance, 4) pink and 5) obvious. I have those who travel with me hunting right along with me now, and it’s not unusual to have my companion for the day say, “Doesn’t that look like a good shot for ______ ?” This post every Sunday is getting to be a group effort. I love it! Community is always a good thing! Here’s what we came up with this week:


We have a new coffee cafe in town so I took a picture of our table and breakfast there that particular morning. The manager asked if I were a photographer. I smiled really big, but had to admit I just took pictures. She asked if I would post my pictures on their Facebook page. I said I would and I did. She was so happy. Do you see what I mean about this being a community hunt? If you’re on Facebook, you may want to check out Round the World Coffee Cafe. It’s a great NEW place!


My daughter gave me this night light for mother’s day last year. Because I am a baby nurse she got me a mermaid with her baby. I just got it out of its storage place to replace the winter snowmen roasting mashmallows over a fire night light that was there for winter. This night light is all about new life!


The scent of pine can be heavenly. Some of us need a bit more intensity than others. My friend Cherie likes things up close and personal!


Well, it’s Saturday night and I just got my Easter dinner in the refrigerator. Everything is marinating for dinner tomorrow afternoon and the egg and sausage casserole is prepped for baking after Easter sunrise service. “What isn’t done?” I ask myself, and then I remember. I don’t have a photo for the “pink” prompt for the scavenger hunt. My DH and I always try to take a walk just before twilight so we donned our coats and hats because the wind here still chills to the bone. I snapped 20 pink pictures. This one was on a 10-second timer so I could run and join my husband under these beautiful ornamental trees lining one of the main streets of our downtown. I have to inset what we saw right across the street from where this picture was taken, though. It was parked in a lot just to the left of where the main picture ends. Now that is a pink truck!


When a woman gets a picture like this it is OBVIOUS that the ladies room was busy and she really had to go! This was in the coffee cafe, too. I didn’t post it on Facebook.

Happy Easter!



26 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #27

  1. I love seeing Cherie…… I love seeing the blossoms. I love following your thinking!
    I loved laughing at the last one! Been there… Done that! It IS obvious!

  2. I think I would have picked the pink truck! I just loved that, Dawn! I’m trying to get a visual of who drives that thng????!!!!!

    And yes, I have to admit here that I’m one who HAS had to rush into your “obvious” photo! In those panic moments, you just don’t care who or what you will find behind that door. Loved your photos today. But then, they are always good!

    • I would have loved to have hung around to see who came to the truck, but it just might have belonged to an apartment dweller. If I ever see “her” behind the wheel I will give you a full description.

      You make me smile!

  3. funny, funny picture (OBVIOUS)… I think a lot of women have had to use a men’s toilet! why is it that they don’t add more stalls for women?

    • Multi-stalls are expensive for little coffee shops. This one isn’t even putting wireless capabilities in because they have a small dining area and don’t want people “camping out”. Business people really need a plan these days to make a place people want to come to but do not stay half a day.

  4. Well, Dawn, sometimes the obvious must give way to the urgent. Great thinking on that one. Sweet plug for the ‘new’ business. Love your pink blossoms and like Cora I am curious as to who would drive that hot pink pickup truck. Happy Easter, sweet girl.

    • “The obvious must give way to the urgent…” that is SO Andrea Dawn: erudite, sophisticated and so “right on”.
      I’m so glad you are my friend. Life would be so mundane without you.

      Thanks for calling me “sweet girl”. I had a really hard day and that term of endearment really helped for some reason. Hugs to you.

  5. I would love to have been with you for ‘all’ of those photo shots… they would have heard my giggles… oops
    And… my nose would have been in the pink/ purple blossoms just like your friend. Cherie with the tree branches; I love close ups!

  6. What fun photos, Dawn! I think I would have picked the pink truck photo, too. As for who drives it, first I thought, how wacky! and then I thought it might be wacky enough for me to do — if it weren’t so long and hard to manage. There must be a story behind it. Cheri “made” the Fragrant photo — because of her I can smell the pine! And Obvious? What a hoot!

  7. Happy Easter, Sylvia! This is my first Easter to wish you happy. I did not know you last Easter. What a blessing you have become in just a short time. You helped me through the worst of my employment situation, for that I will always be grateful. You are so wise, however I could see you in the pink truck. You have a just enough impishness to warrant the pink!

    Let’s ride!

  8. The pink blooms on the trees are so pretty. And I’m trying my hardest to imagine who might actually drive that pepto-bismol pink truck around! I also agree with the others that your obvious shot is hilarious – I bet they’re glad you didn’t post that on their facebook (however, it would prove that they have clean restrooms!).

  9. What a great set.
    Your pink shot was very pretty and that pink truck was really cool (you don’t often see pink trucks).
    I love the scent of Pine or Fir
    The New coffee place sounds great.
    Your night light is very pretty
    Obvious was way to funny!

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