Scripture and a Snapshot #39 – Psalm 19:1

Twilight is my favorite time of day. I like the relaxation that comes with the shadows of nightfall, that begin just after the vibrant colors of day slowly fade as if on some master reastat. The cones in my eyes give way to the rods. The rods were made to give definition to the blacks and whites now coming to the fore and they lull my body into a state of suspended animation called sleep. When I spent time in the rain forest, I discovered complete darkness had the opposite effect on me. When I cannot see my hand right in front of my face because it is so pitch black, I feel like I am suffocating. I feel like I am in a closed box. In short, I panic! But if my rods can differentiate layers of navy, black and gray it is lovely, peaceful. A mild moon glow and twinkling stars, God’s night lights that come into their own until the sun pours her radiance over them, add to the experience, but that can wait till morning. I am asleep.


8 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #39 – Psalm 19:1

  1. Such a beautiful picture, Dawn! Nothing more beautiful than sunsets and sunrises. Everything changes and seems so soft and quiet. I love watching my bird feeder at these times. Cardinals are always the first, arriving at the first hint of dawn, and last ones to leave, always at the edge of darkness. I’m not a fan of total blackness either. In fact, there is always light — nightlights for me.

  2. Your photo really captures that late evening feeling. I am always amazed at the colors and general differences in the sky from minute to minute…they sure do proclaim the work of His hands!

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