Scavenger Hunt Sunday #28

The prompts are 1) simple, 2) grain, 3) transportation, 4) stitch and 5) bubble(s) and here are my interpretations. Thanks to our lovely host, Ashley Sisk, for maintaining this community for those of us who love it so much.


Simple fun: my grandkids’ make-shift “kitchen” they created in the woods in a gully by their house.

Jessica says,


After an unsuccessful attempt to find grain in the form of food, I shifted gears and went for wood grain. Got it!


This is the model of a Concord jet. It was in a store in the King of Prussia mall. I don’t know who the main customers of such an item would be, but they would have to be furnishing a BIG area to accommodate something like this.


My daughter-in-law, Kelly, who quilts, posed for me to get this picture. There are bunches of stitches here made by her hands.


This is the motif of a store called “Marbles”. I thought this looked like a bubble mosaic.

It’s so good to be back,



15 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #28

    • Thanks for coming by. I missed being here, but I would love being by my grandkids more. They are not mutually exclusive categories, but I am not able to do both at this point. I love that you can get on the internet when you go to South Africa.

  1. I really liked all of them, too. If I had to pick one, it was the hands of the quilter. Those hands look so confident and exacting in the perfection they create. If only I could sew a straight and exacting seam. . . . .!!!!! Maybe it’s because I remember my mother and grandmother sewing up a storm. Their hands could create anything and everything. Glad to see you back, Dawn. Really missed you this week!

    • And I really missed you, Cora. My Kelly will be happy to know that her hands on her material was a favorite. She found herself when she began to sew. Isn’t it something how we are all meant to do a certain thing and when we do it all comes together for us. I feel a post coming on….

  2. I was starting to go into “Dawn Withdrawel”. So glad you are back safe and sound with memories of good fun in your bucket! ( Have you read, “How Full is Your Bucket?”). Love your grain. In my old age, I want to work with wood somehow. Love the feel and the smell of it.

    • Sweet friend,
      You are so kind and I have a full bucket.

      I am surprised at your wood fetish. I will have to investigate wood grain scented candles!
      I bet they would smell great!

  3. I remember making forts in the woods as a kid, complete with kitchens as well. Love your bubble shot and your wood grain. My favourite is also the quilting photo . . . it is a great love of mine as well. I spent about 3 hours working on a quilt today. Just about finished. Will be posting my submissions in a little while. Come see.

  4. Fun set of photos! I love the kitchen fun :)) – so full of life!!
    Blessings & Joys coming your way!
    Pia xx

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