“Grave” days gratitude

My friend, Nancy, made a comment on my April 7 blog post entitled “The whole world changed one Sunday morning”. The post was about what Jesus might have been doing during His days in the grave after His crucifixion and before His resurrection. Here is the comment Nancy left

One phrase in this blog stood out to me “what Jesus was doing during his grave days.” That really left me thinking and equating it to us, still living, and sometimes going through “grave days”…those times when the cares of the world and of our own small spheres seem “grave.” Perhaps we should give a lot of thought to what Jesus expects US to do during those dark, separated times. If HE was not idle, then maybe the best way out of our personal “grave days” is to become active, involved, forward looking and confident that soon the stone will be rolled away and the light will again shine. Just wanted to share these thoughts with you.

As those of you who read here regularly know, I have had been going through grave days, but early on I knew I had to be active, involved, and forward-looking. That’s 3 out of the 4 on Nancy’s list. I was not confident at first, but as I kept putting one foot in front of the other, I became more sure of where I was heading. Being thankful during the grave days brought me confidence that I would, indeed, see the stone roll away and the light shine again. I can’t put a price on that and I will be eternally grateful for those who helped me find my way in the dark:

#598 St Anthony’s free medical clinic that allowed me to be a nurse when my professional employment ended.

#599 my sons who both cheered when I told them I would no longer be working at the hospital because they wanted me free to do things with their families.

#600 my sister who constantly checks on me to see how I am.

#601 my friend, Cherie, who confirms my calling and plans to join me in a foundational health ministry to churches in our community.

#602 my husband who simply “goes with the flow” and doesn’t obsess about our income loss, but gives me hugs and says, “I’m so glad you’re home.”

#603 my young friend, Ashley, getting the help she needs after the grave days she experienced.

#604 my work friends who continue to include me in their monthly get-togethers and are sensitive to my need not to hear about the work I am no longer a part of.

#605 my blog friends who read what I was thinking during this time and gave me valuable feedback when I could not rely on my own perspective.

#606 the timelessness of God, the great I AM, who loves me and gave Himself for me.

With the multitudes this Monday,



10 comments on ““Grave” days gratitude

  1. #606 the timelessness of God, the great I AM, who loves me and gave Himself for me.
    ~the Timelessness of God~ love this!
    He had so much fun setting the captives free and continues on in this ministry to this day! hallelujah! I am one of the freedom writers! (By the way the movie Freedom Writers is outstanding… it is an old one but I know you would love it)

  2. As I was driving home this morning from my night time house-sitting for a friend I heard this on the radio and it reminded me of you and your “grave days” . . . enjoy.

  3. I was here before, wrote a long response, and somehow lost it. I’m glad that happened, because I would have missed Andrea Dawn’s song. All I can say is, WOW! to that one. If I could get up enough nerve to sing, this is the one I’d sing. But that falls under “Delusions of Grandeur!”

    Dawn, I loved this about grave days. I would have never thought much about what Christ did during that time after the cross and before the resurrection. I knew the Scriptures said that, but I never went there in my thinking. I’ve experienced those grave days. I’m ashamed to say, it was all about me,myself and I as I let out all my wrath under the influence of chemo and steroids. I definitely did not minister to anyone. I’m glad for that experience. And I’m sooooo glad for your posts about this. I don’t want a second chance, but if it comes my way, it will be different! You’ve been a shining example of how to walk through grave days, Dawn. Thank you for that!

    • Ah, Cora,

      I just had a mammogram today and thought a lot about how a simple test could change my life if “they” found “something”. I had never thought much about that happening until I was privileged to know you as friend and became privy to your suffering. I never want to know experientially what those treatment days were like, but I can well bet they’d bring out some of the Job in all of us.

      I just happened to be reading Job this morning and he wasn’t having a good time of it. He was tired of listening to his friends demoralize him and of trying to understand what God was doing with him. He cried out in Job 12 and 13 about the incessant suffering.

      “Only grant me these two things O God, and then I will not hide from you: Withdraw your hand far from me, and stop frightening me with your terrors….Why do you hide your face and consider me your enemy?” Job 13:20-21, 24.

      Honest questions, not answered, but Job persists:
      “Oh, that my words were recorded, that they were written on a scroll that they were inscribed with an iron tool on lead, or engraved in rock forever! I know that my Redeemer lives and that in the end He will stand upon the earth.” Job 19:23-25.

      Because his words were recorded, we have the whole scenario and an example of someone who hoped when all seemed hopelss. Easier said than done, but there it is! I’m can truthfully say that I have better friends than Job had.

  4. It is certainly difficult to be confident when facing dark times. Even though our faith may not waver in dark times, we are human and can’t always be cheeful or joyful like the Apostle Paul. He is one of my heros in the Bible. Jesus first, then Paul. I long to have a faith and attitude like Paul! Dawn, you are very blessed to have a husband that “evens you out”. hah How do they do that? Go with the flow and all? I’m glad to hear you are doing better and some brightness is back in your life. You know my stories of darkness and you have encouraged and uplifted in times of most need. It is my hope that I can do the same. Many blessings to you dear friend. 🙂

    • Dear Michele,

      Over at Cora’s blog, she wrote a beautiful post about a new woman friend she is thankful for. I didn’t think of you at the time, but now I am. I think you would be blessed reading that post if you haven’t already. http://hiddenrichessecretplaces.blogspot.com/2012/04/she-came-into-my-life-about-year-ago.html

      I think it is so “God” when we post in these comment sections and the comment speaks to another like what happened to Cora (above) when she saw Andrea Dawn’s song. She got blessed. You rarely leave a comment and I want you to know it so very much blessed my heart, but it also brought back the memory of Cora’s post and I think that was orchestrated by God. It brings joy to know one’s postings are helpful, but knowing God is using all of us in community really brings joy. Thanks for the privilege.

      Love you,

  5. Grave days. I must chew on that for some time and ask God to search my heart. For, I don’t believe I am fulfilling His desires during the grave days as I should. So, thank you for this prompt to go deeper.

    • Dear Cristal,

      I just read Mike Azer’s Palm Sunday blog. April 17 was Palm Sunday in the Orthodox Church. It is a translation of the late Pope Shenouda’s ideas on Jesus having to choose between pain and glory when He rode into Jerusalem, and using His example to challenge us in the choices we make along the way. I found it to be a very enlightening read and thought you may find it to be, too, based on your comment.


      I just love this comment section!

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