God provides what I do not have

I have volunteered at St Anthony’s Free Medical Clinic for 3 months. They are open on Monday evenings and Wednesday mid-days. I work every Wednesday. Therefore, I had worked there about 12 days when they asked me to be the supervisor for the clinic this whole week. (Take note: I had never worked a Monday evening so I was being asked to supervise what I had never done.) I asked the Lord about it and He brought to mind the late, great Amy Carmichael, the stalwart, single woman missionary to India who went with abandon believing that if she didn’t have what it took to do the job, God would send someone with the gift or create that gift in her. I thought about it. I am not advocating that one be unlearned where one serves, but I thought, in this case, I can trust Him to be with me with what I know and rely on Him to provide what I do not know. Here is how it went, Dear Readers!

I arrive at the clinic 15 minutes early to get everything ready to open. There are 3 people already there holding their place in line to be the first to be seen by the doctor. I unlock the door and they turn the lights on. They must have been regulars. I didn’t know exactly where all the light switches were, but they did. I turn all the office machines on and the printer does not work. Later, I discover the secretary knows how to get it to work and so she does. Two student nurses are there fulfilling their clinical rotation for school. They are Seniors and started right in once I oriented them to what they were to do. A volunteer came to take down the Easter decorations and put up other things. Her mother is a physician so she brought pills that drug reps left at her mother’s office for use in the clinic. A fellow registered nurse finally arrives to oversee the students more thoroughly and co-sign their notes so that I can supervise and field calls coming into the clinic. A pharmacist arrives to count pills and find the most inexpensive places to purchase what we don’t have. The physician arrives right on time, is someone I know well and knows my situation, so we proceed right on schedule.

A patient wants a tetanus shot. Do we give them? I don’t know.

The RN with me is a State Health nurse and tells them where and when to show up at the State Health Center the next day for the injection.

A young woman wants a physical exam for work. Do we do complete physicals for work? I don’t know.

The secretary says physicals are done every third Saturday by a certain doctor. She gave the young girl an appointment.

A phone call came from a woman with Florida ID wanting a blood test. She could only come in the morning. I told her she would need a PA ID and how to get it before Wednesday morning. I also told her how to get to clinic by bus. I will be the supervisor Wednesday, too, so she must have her PA ID.

A man needs methyltrexate for a skin condition. We do not have that. The pharmacist is able to help the doctor decide on alternative ways to treat the man that we have the ability to do.

And so…God provides…in community…using all the gifts of all God’s people! Alleluia, amen!



7 comments on “God provides what I do not have

  1. I am such a “fan” of Amy Carmichael! In fact, I quoted her to someone today from her poem called, “Hast Thou no Scar?” Dawn, it is so great that you would see the positive side and go with what you know, weigh it against what you don’t and find the scales leaning toward a yes to this need. Logic tells me that what you did NOT know was not life threatening and would not put someone in danger. And what you DID know might save a life. I’m proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zones. I need to do that more. Again, I find it so amazing how the Lord brings people together at the right time, all with the right gifts, willing to be used. I’m praising God with you today!

  2. Dear Cora,

    I sent young Michele from byhisgrace211.wordpress.com over to Hidden Riches to read your friend post from this week. I think it will really speak to her. I am certainly with you in the Amy Carmichael fan club. What a heart for God, and, if you appreciate her poetry, it must be “right on” because you are an incredible poet and, thus, an expert judge.

    Thanks for the thumbs up on my day. Tomorrow I must face the toner-less xerox machine and the lady with the wrong ID. I will be glad to just be a nurse again next week, but have gained an appreciation for those making the decisions around the care-giving. It’s been an interesting adventure.


  3. I love to watch from the sidelines as you ladies tell such marvelous stories and bring such encouragement… where ever we go God can use us. These little short lives spent here on earth waiting for eternity are filled with stellar stories that will have the angels rejoicing! May our lives make glad the heart of God!
    Gald you could walk into such a blessed day Dawn!

  4. They obviously saw something in you that gave them confidence to put you in charge, dear girl. Sometimes we are called upon to step up and into something we are not trained in or feel inadequate to do but ‘God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.’ 2 Cor. 9:8

    Praying your day goes smoothly tomorrow.

  5. I love the practical, expected “walk beside Jesus” encouragement I get from all of you. He is so tangible and when the words are direct scripture, I really snap to attention. Thank you Susan and Andrea Dawn. God must have some kind of epicenter in BC!

    Love you two,

  6. Dawn, I couldn’t get Amy Carmichael out of my mind today, so I did a search and found so much interesting stuff! I couldn’t believe the amount of YouTube videos there are that show and tell about her life. Here is one of them, but there are many listed on the right sidebar if you want to watch them. It made me feel so old as I recognized Elisabeth Elliot’s voice, and many of the REALLY OLD speakers of the past.

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