Scripture and a Snapshot #40 – Psalm 37:23

My husband and my son: both good men whose steps are ordered by the Lord and who delight in his way.

Joining with Katie Lloyd today for Scripture and a Snapshot,



11 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #40 – Psalm 37:23

  1. a great picture! I am amazed at how much it is little our Cottonwood Island walk! Makes you feel closer! The verse is perfect… I am going for a walk now to greet the morning sun ,,, and the Son…

  2. This is definitely a keeper, Dawn. Just the “father and son” thing is so touching, but to know that the Lord orders our steps and walks with us is even more thought provoking, isn’t it. To think that He would even care about every.single.step I take is beyond my comprehension.

  3. So lovely, Dawn . . . as Susan has said, it reminds me of many spots in British Columbia. A carrying on of the generations walking together . . . with each other, with the LORD.

  4. I also love the father/son aspect of this photo and how it reminds me to watch my own steps, every day. Thank you 🙂

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