Thankful praise is the lip and language of holy joy

“As holy joy is the heart and soul of thankful praise,
so thankful praise is the lip and language of holy joy.”

Matthew Henry’s commentary of Philippians 1.

Susan posted the above Matthew Henry comment on Facebook today and it is just so appropriate for my gratitude list that I lifted it right from Facebook. Thank you, Susan…and Matthew Henry!

My husband, the Preacher, and I had a disagreement over the weekend. He wanted to ask our church people to help me with travel expenses to take the Parish Nursing course next month. I did not want him to do that since I am his wife and he is the minister. He is in an authority position over the people and I did not think it right that he should ask them for money for me. He did not ask them, but he was not happy about my decision.

Last evening I scrubbed my kitchen floor. I usually do that Monday mornings but because I had to drive Russ to a monthly meeting of all the ministers in our region, I mopped ahead of time. Since I was going to drive DH to the meeting of ministers,  I took all my Parish Nursing materials to distribute at the meeting so that the pastors would know that I would soon be trained to coordinate Parish Nursing in their churches if they were interested in such a ministry. They gave me a few moments of meeting time to tell them about my “vision”. Right before I was given the time to speak, however, one of the ministers announced that a pastor in our region had just been voted out of his church and he wanted us to know it had happened. They then all turned to me.

I began my presentation by telling them I had been terminated from my position as a nurse at the local hospital in January and I knew how that minister must be feeling. I told them how losing my job made me lose my personhood, my sense of self.  Being a nurse is so much of who I am and being a minister must certainly be so much of who their colleague in ministry is. I don’t think I would have shared all that had that announcement not been given, but God was in charge and I believe everyone listened with keen interest to what I was saying because what I was saying transcended Parish Nursing. I was talking to them out of my loss and they could see the strength of the Lord–not me. Praise His name! At one point I said, “The church conference is paying my registration to take the course, all I have to pay is $45.00 x 4 days for room and board. At next month’s meeting I will be able to share with you the nuts and bolts of the program.” After the meeting one of the ministers handed me a piece of paper.

It says, “I’ll send you a check for $180.00 to cover your night stays. DK” he quickly multiplied $45.oo x 4 and committed to send me $180.00. My husband told me he was the financial officer for the conference! Oh, my heart! Oh, my Jesus! Yes, His eye is on the sparrow!

I am thankful today for

#607 being His sparrow.

#608 just doing the next thing.

#609 my friends who tell me they think I am in the right place.

#610 my children and grandchildren happy to have me along after years of working weekends.

#611 daily talks ON THE PHONE* with God’s women (and a man or two) to spice things up.

#612 sisters who cheer me on.

#613 nurses in parish ministry who share their “secrets of success”.

#614 a parish nurse who opened the doors of her parish when we’re ready to begin monthly parish nurse networking meetings.

#615 daily miracles.

#616 a camera that keeps me paced slower than I would be without it because I have to pause and focus before I shoot.

#617 praying friends and family.

#618 funny friends, practical jokers and silly children who keep Miss Intensity balanced.

Thank you, Multitudes on Monday for this precious space to sync the lips with the language of holy joy,


* Friends who know me know I really don’t like talking on the phone. Now, I have to be careful I don’t use up all my cell phone minutes because I don’t want to miss a holy connection! Can you believe it?????


10 comments on “Thankful praise is the lip and language of holy joy

  1. This was just too good! I had a great big smile on my face and was trying to think of what your Hubby was thinking. . .!!!! Dawn, all of this is just more confirmation that you are doing EXACTLY what the Lord wants you to be doing. And you would have NEVER quit your job. You would have never been like Abraham and left “Ur of the Chaldees.” Somehow, I’m feeling I’m just walking along beside you. May we all learn the language of joy today! I just love that!

    • Dear Cora,

      I really wait for you to respond when I post because you are really with me every step of the way. Even if you don’t agree, you always give me much to think about and I can feel your presence as I walk through all of this. I wish I had been there for you with the cancer treatment. You are so precious to me.

      You are so right. I would NEVER have left “Ur” but since I got booted out, that door is really shut. I got word of some really vulgar things happening there. I am SO happy I was spared all that.

      Oh, I don’t know what my husband thought. He still has not said anything about it. I think I’m gonna just let it pass…until the moment’s right! lol

      Love you,

  2. I love how God does this stuff! And I rejoice in your scruples. So good the way it worked out that dear hubby didn’t say anything. It would have been people-doings, and you never would have experienced God’s hand and affirmation in the same way! Delightful! May He bless this venture mightily!

    • You are so very right, Sylvia! I love the term “people-doings”. I am going to file that one. I don’t want to be Sarah giving Abraham the handmaiden in any of this.

      You know, I have a whole week of this kind of stuff happening. Each and every happening is such an encouragement. I call my friend, Cherie, who will be going to take the course with me and fill her with miracles and she turns around and does the same for me. We are both amazed at all this!

      No people-doings for us!

  3. Love hearing these kinds of stories, Dawn . . . so delighted to hear how God has provided for you in this . . . and that you will be provision for so many needing care.

    • He has, He is, He will…He is behind me, with me, before me…He surprises me daily. He surprises me with people helpers, resources, information. He surprises me with the needs, the willing workers, the intercessors, the encouragers, the hurting, the hunting: all surround me every day. I never saw them before. Andrea Dawn, I was not living. I was merely moving automatically. I love how you know His provision is to make me a provision. I must learn well. I serve a great God.

  4. You are a blessed Sparrow indeed… I love all your praises! I wonder how often we continue in a rut when God has so much better planned for us. I believe all those ‘not living’ days were a training ground though for the the work He is now preparing for you and I am already smiling at the blessing your new ministry will be for so many! I bet your husband was blessed at God’s provision for your room and board! He had already believed God would provide through somebody…sweet Jesus we love You!
    The verse on Facebook was from this fine lady… take a look and be blessed.

  5. Dawn, I got such a lump in my throat when I read this. Yes… we are all his sparrows.. and he is so good to us! Did you ever connect with my friend Suzanne and was she able to be of any help to you?

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