Losing weight

So here we are at the second meeting of a 13-week weight loss session at a big church in my hometown. The woman leading the group is flamboyant with a bright, tri-colored blouse, dark capris and heels. She is all made up and her hair is held up with matching hair attire. The co-leader is a third-grade teacher whose comments has to be well-timed to be inserted only when the flamboyant leader has to take a breath.

After weighing in and saying our memory verses, the educational portion of the evening begins: learning the food program and how to count food so that we will lose weight. Perky Patty uses http://www.myplate.gov to make her point about emphasizing fruits and vegetables and keeping meat and grains in their proper ratios as you can see on the plate to the right. We have a good time of learning to make healthy platefuls of food.

Then we go to what I call the “meat” of the program. First Place 4 Health is about putting Christ first in our lives. When that happens everything else falls into place–even our food choices, fitness and attention to our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional selves. This portion of the evening involves sharing what we learned all week during our personal Bible study, Scripture memorization and prayer time.

This is how we prepare for the discussion section of the evening. All week long each woman completes a portion of the Bible Study lesson for the week from the Bible study book. Each day there is portion of Scripture to read and several questions to answer that takes about 7 minutes to complete. The study books are brought to the meeting and women share what was revealed to them during the week. We begin to do that and as we do, it is obvious that we are really going to lose weight over the next couple of months.

  • One woman shares about the shame of she carried from childhood.
  • One shares the guilt she feels in not trusting the Lord in her singleness.
  • Several say they crave food all the time and never feel full.
  • One woman says she is afraid to have her second child because she gained so much weight with the first and doesn’t want that to happen again.
  • Several are there to get balance in their life: to lose some things and to gain others.

We are going to lose

  • shame
  • guilt
  • unhealthy cravings
  • fear
  • and pounds.

We are going to gain

  • sister support
  •  wisdom through Bible study and Scripture memorization
  •  knowledge through mastery of the nutrition plan

To get the power I have plugged myself into a community of believers all looking to Jesus and working together to live healthier. This is where I will be every Tuesday evening for the next 12 weeks. I am sharing this story as a practice of Gospel: Looking for New Life with the Walk with Him Wednesday community at Ann’s.

Feeling energized because the Son’s eye is on His sparrows (of which I am one),



7 comments on “Losing weight

  1. I can’t believe you posted this today, as yesterday, I did the same. It was probably the hardest post I’ve written so far.

    Dawn, this sounds like a wonderful program. It always helps when there is a community of people with the same goals, same problems, and looking in the same direction for support and help and encouragement. There is NOTHING in this world
    that helps a dieter more than a simple word of affirmation and encouragement to keep going. I know. I’ve been there. I’m still there. I’m doing the Weight Watchers program. I’ve been on it about 10 months now, and I must say, it has been the best thing for me. And believe me, I’ve been on every crazy fad diet that ever came out.

    But this program sounds like something I’d love to start in my own church. I have come to know how important it is to have the Lord in the center of everything, even my food. I’m going to look into this! Thank you so much! (and you’ll have to read my story). http://www.hiddenrichessecretplaces.blogspot.com/

  2. I love what you said here, when you put Christ first everything else falls into place, even our food.

    My hubby and I started to eat healthy food, no frozen and processed food. We cut down junk food or eating in Fastfood restaurants.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  3. Losing the shame, fear, cravings and guilt as well as the pounds is the joyous byproduct of gathering together, sharing your hearts, your journey, your prayers and His word. Would love to be joining you all for this.

  4. Boy, I’d love this, to keep me going. I “started well,” but a little interaction like you have there would be just the ticket. This encourages me, anyhow. I’ve still got a way to go — but really, the important thing I’m after isn’t a diet, but, as you once put it, a “live-it” — daily discipline of healthy eating. I love the perspective of the other weights your group is losing — even more important! May I eavesdrop? Heh.

  5. I’ve heard of this program. It sounds wonderful. I can’t imagine making changes in life as large as diet or nutrition or weight loss WITHOUT depending on Christ’s power to make the changes.

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