Scripture and a Snapshot – #41 Job 31:1

The headline stories of this past week here in the US were about trial lawyer and former presidential candidate John Edwards’ personal trial to determine whether or not he used campaign funds to keep his mistress quiet about their affair and their baby during the time his wife was dying of cancer. The reporting on Edwards was only given a breather when there was an update on the secret service’s problems with agents employing prostitutes for recreational activity while on duty recently in Brazil. In the midst of all this I read Job 31:1.

I have made a covenant with my eyes not to look with lust upon a young woman.

I remember Billy Graham making a rule in the early days of his evangelistic ministry that men on his team were not to be alone with a woman. They were to make calculated moves to make sure this did not happen so that there would be no chance “for even the appearance of evil”. This was the covenant those who worked for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association were required to make with the Lord to stay pure.

A covenant is an agreement, a contract that seals a promise. Covenant-making makes a preemptive strike more plausible. First Peter says, “satan prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone he can devour”(5:8b,c). We must be ready to defeat him at all times. If the news is any indication, it seems like sexual sin is still one of his favorites tactics. Perhaps some personal covenants with the Lord are in order!

With Katie Lloyd this Saturday for Scripture and a Snapshot,



15 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot – #41 Job 31:1

  1. Good truth! And yes, Billy Graham’s approach set such a wise example for people in any positions vulnerable to easy entrapment or enticement. I remember being told he would always have someone check out his hotel or motel room to make sure there was no woman in there anywhere right before he even went in. Makes me ask myself where I might apply this principle in other areas.

    • Oh, and just as I hit the “post comment” button, Ephesians 6 came to me. We are better assured a successful preemptive strike if we have our armor on. We must covenant to put our armor on before we start our day “so that when the day of evil comes, [we] may be able to stand [our] ground…(v. 13).

  2. Good question at the end, Sylvia. I must say, I do not struggle with the sexual “stuff” anymore, but that does not leave me without issues! I will think on what you have proposed. However, all three of my Bible readings this morning took me to sexual sin so I am going to ponder and what it means for me. It may be the seed my Monday post. He is leading me into something here. I just do not know what. Life is so very much a parable…


  3. Dawn, this is such an important issue for today. Being in a church with such young, unchurched believers, my mouth drops open when I see the surprise and awe on their faces when they are told about God’s way of living, morality, sexual purity. Many of them come to the Lord together, and then find out that they shouldn’t be living together unmarried. It’s amazing how it doesn’t even have to be said — the ones that are true believers seem to just figure it out and are convicted and either get married or separate. I always smile at the growth and maturing that I see in these ones. You know, it used to be we were considered a “Christian” nation — at least in the sense that we all knew the moral standards of the ten commandments and lived by them. Or at least tried to hide the sin. Today? It’s all right there, in your face. Yesterday, the big news, top story, was 6th grade boys holding down a girl in gym class (while adults were present) and feeling her and groping her! This just proved to me that there is a total breakdown of any moral teaching in the home. Years ago, when I thought I knew everything, I was so against home schooling. Now? I don’t think I would allow my kid outside the walls of my home!!!!

    And I always admired and loved Billy Graham for his stand on purity, the covenant of his workers. And look at the long and fruitful life all of them have lived. I wonder if any of them will ever die or will be like Elijah and just. . . . .. .

  4. Oh, my, Cora. What you say here is so true, and the paradigm shift is so pervasive that even Christian kids aren’t getting it. My husband had one of our parishioner’s sons come to him for counseling because his marriage was falling apart. He was shocked when the Preacher told him that he and his wife could not have sexual relationships outside of their marriage if they were going to follow Christ and make it work. The young man demanded, “Where does it say that in the Bible?” Well, my husband started with the Ten Commandments, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” and the young man was flabbergasted. He said he had been in Sunday School all his life and no one ever told him such a thing. He brought the news (the Good News) home to his wife and they are doing much better.

    I used to work with a lot of 20 somethings fresh out of nursing school. Many of them going from one young man to another. Several of the 40 somethings I worked with were even more confused. I know that time well. I was a mess with the hormonal shifts. Only by the grace of God do I mention the trials of others for I know that age is no respecter of temptations. Commitment is an ancient concept, not extinct, but difficult and easily set aside today in this age of me-ism.

    Interesting that you should mention homeschooling. My Jessica wants to be home-schooled next year because she can’t find anyone in the 6th grade who shares her faith and she is having trouble navigating the school scene. Will you join me in prayer that she will get a good, solid, Bible-believing friend to walk beside her?

    Have a great day in the Lord,

  5. My father (a pastor) would never counsel a woman alone in his office with the door closed. Either my mom or the church secretary would be in the next room, just to avoid giving Satan an opportunity–whether for temptation or just to give the appearance of evil. Sexual sin has invaded our churches and society often appears to accept it as the norm (as long as you don’t pay and get caught)! All of us need to pray for hedges to be placed around us and our marriages–Satan constantly is on the prowl. (Hedges: Loving Your Marriage Enough To Protect It by Jerry Jenkins is a great read on the topic). Thanks for sharing this, Dawn.

    • When my husband was new in the ministry, a wiser, older pastor gave him about about placing a hedge around his household: his marriage, his children and his time. He did this very well. We were not immune to the temptations that ministry bring–no one is. I can remember Pastor Stock of Life Center asking for prayer every week that he did not get puffed up by running a big church. These are the “Billy Graham’s in my life.”

      Thanks for sharing your father’s wisdom,

      • My doctor is a Christian and he always has the receptionist in the room when doing pap tests . . . same reasoning applied here. Great post, Dawn. If I had been more awake and connected to reality when my kids were little I would have home-schooled them. They did go to Christian school though, David from high school and Shannon from grade 4. Will pray for your granddaughter.

  6. Dear Ones Who Read Here,

    There is a pastor who needs prayer. You can read about it here, but I duplicated what he said below.

    Sorry for no posts over the last few days, but I needed rest. I have an autoimmune disease that causes tumors and have some ugly ones in my head…:) I am going to take a couple of days off and rest. please keep me in prayer as I go through my treatments and meet the surgeon in a few weeks. Also, I am close to losing my home and would appreciate prayer on that as well. I know it’s in God’s hands, but I’m pretty worn out from the fight. thank you everyone, may the Lord bless you.

  7. Thanks for your prayers, Andrea Dawn. I really am thankful you will pray for Jessica. You are one who can rattle the cages of heaven and I am thankful you will commit to Jessica in prayer.

    Love you,

  8. I will be praying for the pastor…for him I I so love these words …Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him…
    A very trustworthy post today… God is faithful who strenthens us.
    He knows exactly how we are wired and exactly what is best for us… may we eagerly discover it …and joyously live in it

    Blessings as you minister around you dear friend!
    in His strength
    by His m.i.g.h.t.y. g.r.a.c.e.
    in His P.U.R.I.T.Y.

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