Savenger Hunt Sunday #29

This week the prompts for Ashley’s Sunday Scavenger Hunt were yellow, something that makes me smile, ancient or antique, splash and in the sun. Here are my interpretations. I hope to see yours.


And God said, “How about a little yellow today.” I shot this picture this week not even realizing I’d need it for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I am so glad for the yellow prompt because I really loved this burst of spring in yellow at a local business along the way to my bike path.

Something that makes me smile

Luke, age 4, trying on his daddy’s cap and gown. His daddy, my son, will walk across the academic stage in his cap and gown to pick up a Master’s in Systems Engineering which he finished last year. Graduation is May 4, 2012. I will be there! I’m glad I got this picture of Luke to show him one day when he fills out a gown of his own.

Ancient or antique

On my twilight walk Saturday night I clicked this photo of a wooden wagon. I thought it must be an antique.


At the Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey we got to pet the sting ray. The lady supervising the area told everyone not to splash. She said to put 2 fingers in the water and let the rays slide underneath our fingers. Here my daughter-in-law, Kelly demonstrates the technique to my grandson, Luke.

In the sun

We were supposed to have rain that day, but since we were still “in the sun,” we went biking. It was perfect weather for it and we got back just as the first drops of rain began to fall.

Happy for spring/summer activities,



13 comments on “Savenger Hunt Sunday #29

  1. Well I am happy to see your hunt photos . . . was wondering if you skipped playing last week. I and many others linked up with these prompts last week. So this was my week off. Love the pink bike . . . what fun to ride with the grandkids. Did you feel the rays, too? Lots of sunny yellow in the first shot, and that wagon is very cool. Luke looks like a little super-hero with that cap and gown/cape.

    • I have a lime green bike just like my pink one for you to use when you visit. I was out yesterday and got about 7 miles from home when I got a flat tire. I wondered why it was getting harder and harder to peddle, ha!

  2. looks like you are really living! I love the grad gown on the young un! He will love to look back years from now! Scavenger hunts will keep you young! No time to get old 🙂

    • Well, we look all happy in the pictures. I didn’t get any of Kira falling off her bike and throwing the bike down and saying, “Stupid, Bike!” or my son saying to Luke, “What are you doing with my graduation hat. I told you to hold it, not wear it.” etc etc. Life posted looks so idyllic doesn’t it? I assure you, we really do live! ha!

  3. Yellow… Love sharing a glimpse oh Spring in PA! Love seeing all of your pics and the way your mind works in selecting them. Hope you had your phone when your tire deflated!

    • I did have my phone, Carrie, but I tried not to use it. In the end I did. I’m ready to roll again!

      I will be with Deb at clinic tonight. It’s gonna be busy. I was there last Wednesday and there are a lot of returns.

      Thanks for checking on my pics. I always enjoy your comments on the change of seasons. Miss you up here!

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