As from Your hands

This greeted me today at my kitchen table devotions. It is from The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions:

Give me vivacity in religion,

that I may be able to take all reproofs from other men

as from thy hands,

and glorify Thee for them

from a sense of Thy beneficent love

and of my need to have my pride destroyed.

Alright then, as I ride my bike this morning I am going to think back over all the reproofs I can remember of the past year and reframe them as if they were from the hands of my heavenly Father. I think this should be an amazing step to resolving the anger/hurts, etc and promote healing for the termination from my job. It may well take it from the head to the heart knowledge of His amazing grace.

I must get dressed to ride my bike. There is a heavy mist that should dissipate as I ride. Oh, the foreshadowing.

God will bless you this day, expect it!



4 comments on “As from Your hands

  1. I love the visual you gave today of reframing all the reproofs, etc.,of the past year as if they were from the hands of your Heavenly Father. There is a song my father used to sing to us, and one verse says, “What He takes and what He gives us, From the Father’s hand so precious. . . ” You know, Dawn, as we walk through the gallery of our lives, there are many frames hanging there that are dark, stormey, and even scarey to look at. We don’t like to go down that hallway and gaze on those. But there is a light switch that we can turn on, and when we do, all those pictures change. We then see the image of Our Father standing there with His hands stretched out. We can’t always control what He takes, but it is our choice to stretch our hands out to receive. Is it not true that the greatest gifts of all are the “hard eucharisteo”. I would love to help you reframe these pictures in your gallery, as I know He will be there with you!

  2. I have this wonderful awakening that happened during tea with two ladies a short time ago. As a child I lived in the most wonderful scenic area along a riverside graced with swinging willows and large old oaks. When I was six we moved and my heart ached to leave this beauty behind. In my new home many things happened to fill a little life with joy and emotional growth. I kept having this night mare, though, that a big delivery truck with a cloth flap at the back and two men in it would pursue me wherever I was at play and as I would run home the truck would chase me and had the ability to fly over our home and trees to catch me. Just as I would reach the back door and struggle to open it, they would be there and grab me and I would wake up, as you can imagine, quite horrified. I had this dark dream for years and even as an adult it would occasionally surface. Then one day over tea I was relating to my two friends how when we had just moved into our new home when I was six, that my dear mother had taken me shopping and at one stop she had asked me to just wait in the car and not touch anything. She would be right back. I could see her from the passenger’s seat through the store window and wondered what she meant by not touching anything and just out of curiosity reached over and pushed it out of park. We were parked on a steep hill and the car eased forward gaining speed and went right up the ramp of a big delivery truck, through the cloth flaps and into the big dark cavernous mouth of it. Relating this story all of a sudden made me laugh outright! I finally discovered the source of my dark dream throughout all those years; as the two men caught me as I jumped out of the car and my mother watching it all from the store window came running… It had all been a blank for so many years, all of this, I only remembered my dad reprimanding my mom for leaving me there unattended; I am not even sure I was admonished. But what I saw was that something totally unfounded had built up a tremendous fear in my life. I now had a totally different view of the whole thing and could see the men running to help me, not hurt me, and I see God’s big hand in it, in placing a big delivery truck there to catch me. You see, otherwise, I would have veered down a steep and busy city street into traffic and parked cars and store front windows…
    This has helped me see through the dakest days, that though I might not understand, still I can know that my Abba Father sees and cares and is looking out for me. And one day over tea He just might enlighten me to some of his many other miracles.
    God says he has plans for us, not to hurt us but to bless us. I will take Him at his word…
    Being thankful with you this morning my dear friend. Tea is on!

    • Love your story, Susan . . . so many things we experience in life as children and adults that we just don’t interpret correctly. Our knowledge and understanding is so limited and often we need those times “over tea” where Papa turns on the light and makes it so clear.

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