I must go, tell

John the Baptist has just baptized Jesus and tells his two most ardent disciples that they are now to follow Jesus. He is THE One they have been waiting for. Andrew was one of them and when he realized that Jesus was the Messiah, he ran to get his brother, Simon. The movie Jesus of Nazareth depicts Simon Peter as a hot-headed fisherman who is tired after a day’s work of fishing and getting no fish. When Jesus tells him to go back out to sea he turns to his brother, Andrew, and shouts, “Why do you always listen to these people?”

Peter Meets Jesus

When Peter goes out and comes back with a boatload of fish, so many fish that his boat is in danger of sinking, he believes his brother. Next Jesus calls Philip and what does Philip do? He goes to his friend Nathaniel (a man in whom there is no guile) and tells him Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah, but Nathaniel is not so sure and says, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Philip does not argue, but tells him to come and see for himself. It is a miraculous meeting for Nathaniel.

John declares Jesus is the Messiah and tells Andrew to follow Him. Andrew goes to tell his brother, Simon. Jesus finds Philip and Philip finds Nathaniel. This all happens in the first chapter of John. We are to share Him. We are to go and tell…others. I think we should pray and ask Him whom He wants us to tell today. Will you join me?

God’s blessing as you walk with Him,


PS I just got off the phone with my sister. She told me of a woman who just got word that her breast cancer had returned after 10 years of being free of it. She is without insurance and the “hospital” says they cannot treated her since she has no insurance. My sister and I will be helping her find her way today. Please pray as we walk with Linda today. I guess I won’t have to go looking for the person Jesus wants me to talk to today.


10 comments on “I must go, tell

  1. Praying for you and your sister today, and for the dear lady you are standing beside. May God grant to His servants ‘that with all boldness they may speak Your word, by stretching out Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus”. (Acts 4:29,30)
    Love you, girl.

    • On my way to meet my sister, we meet three ex-combat soldiers who tell us about Hunts for Healing, an organization that heals combat veterans by helping them to integrate back into their homes and communities through outdoor activities with other combat veterans who understand post traumatic stress disorder. My sister suffers PTSD from her work trauma and could really relate to what these men were doing. I am so thankful for your prayers because Deb was able to talk to them about Jesus in a way I never could have done.

      Linda is working right now, but Debby will see her later this evening armed with the information I had to give her since I know the women’s health network. Jesus is so tangible as we simply make ourselves available. Praise His name!

  2. My mind is just racing with thoughts and emotions here, Dawn. This past week has been one of new opportunities to do just what you expressed here — just go and tell – one to another. I was invited to dinner by the girl I mentor who has asked me to start a group for gals like her. She even opened her home to do it. I was so proud of her — serving the perfect meal and being a perfect hostess. God has just plopped in my lap all these opportunites and materials to use, etc. Then, I read of Linda with all these mixed emotions. Having been there, I just know. . . . and this brought up all those “what if’s” that needed once again to be laid at the cross. Dawn, I’m so glad you know and have all that wealth of information to give. I wish I had known you when I walked that path. It’s not easy to find the answers, especially when your heart is in the middle of crisis. My prayes are with you and your sister and, of course, Linda. Here you are, Dawn, just home, and jumping into the middle of the battle field full force! You strengthen me, sister!!!

    • When I wrote about Linda, I thought about you. Much of just digging in and doing it had to do with your story. I wasn’t there for you, but I am here now and I can be here for Linda. Your transparency made helping Linda a “no-brainer”. As we walk this path together, we strengthen one another. Don’t you just LOVE it??!!

      • Yeah, I do love it! I forgot to mention here that a gal named Linda plopped down next to me in church Sunday morning, sighed, and said, “I have breast cancer and was told you are the person to see.” All I could do at the moment was hug her! I know that those first days are so numbing — before “the plan” is in place, before it is staged, before you know anything except the word, “cancer!” We prayed together, talked a while, and exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. Amazing how people come together —- I think of the ripples in the water, the picture of the hammock and the ropes knotted together, etc. And now here we are, 2 Lindas out there, and we are called to strengthen them, hold them up, and in so doing, we somehow find ourselves strengthened and held up! Yeah, I love it!!!!

  3. Isn’t it like that when we meet Jesus, over and over again… we simply must share Him… loved your sharing and please do know that we will pray for your friend… if she would like to talk with Danielle who is going an alternate route for her cancer, let me know. She had to close her blog to the public but I know she would certainly help any other person fighting cancer with what she has learned.
    all my love your way dear friend

  4. You ladies are incredible! Your wisdom and insight inspire me and give me strength. Both of my husband’s sisters have cancer and he is struggling with this while facing his own dilemma in that he will be having surgery soon for a neck problem. Thank you for being there and for being so strong in the Lord!

  5. Deb,

    The comment section of my blog is the best part of the whole thing. I am so blessed to have these women meet me here. I so look forward to their wisdom after stressful days, hurtful ways and rewinding delays. I am praying for you and your husband. We must meet for tea some morning this week. Let me know when.

    Wrapping around you in this time of fire,

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