Scripture and a Snapshot #43 – Psalm 119:105

I am learning to pray. The best teacher for this instruction has been the good old Word of God. Through James and Isaiah, the comments of my cyber friends this past week and Ann Voskamp’s Friday blog, I have grown by leaps and bounds concerning prayerl Thank you, everyone!



8 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #43 – Psalm 119:105

  1. A perfect picture for this verse! Well done! and so true… He alone can guide us along His way and He does it so well through His Word…I love His Word~ it is sweeter than the honeycomb…

  2. I just love this picture! It’s so beautiful, and perfect. I remember as a kid, we had a group in our church for young girls, It was called Pioneer Girls. This was the theme verse of the group, and we quoted it aloud every.single.week. So that’s where my mind and heart goes when I see this verse, as it was in that group that I was saved. The visual of the lamp guiding my feet, one footstep at a time, keeping me from tripping over stuff hiding on the pathway, and then the light on the path, showing me the bigger picture, the direction the path is going, the edges of the way, the turns, the signposts, etc. I love it! Love that sidewalk, Dawn. I miss the old slate sidewalks of my youth!

  3. I love your picture and verse, but am most excited about your excitement at growing in your prayer life. Awesome!

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