Scavenger Hunt Sunday #30

Every Sunday I post pictures to go along with the prompts that are given by Ashley Sisk over at Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I am no photographer, but the hunt for 5 interpretations for the prompts each week slows my life down. It keeps me “in the moment,” looking for meaning in things and events throughout my days. What you see here is not artistic. I do not know all the techniques of great photographers, BUT is is still art. It is the art of life through my camera lens this week. The prompts were rainbow, fluffy, metal, letters and tree. I hope you enjoy these.


My husband and I were walking down the street and captured this. Do you see the rainbow coming out of the tree?


As late as last night I still didn’t have a picture for fluffy. My husband was working on his computer (putting the finishing touches on Sunday morning preparations) and then I saw it–fluffy! It was there all the time, I just didn’t see  it! He has Albert Einstein hair!

Metal on top of Letters

I just finished the certification course for Health Ministry/Parish Nursing. This is my pin. It is made of precious metal, but it means far more to me than its weight in gold. It is a symbol of a new beginning for me in nursing. It is a symbol of the God who never leaves us or forsakes us. The background is lists of names from old church records. The carefully penned names of church members long past recorded in old membership books in calligraphy seemed a fitting backdrop for my metal. We are the church triumphant!


This tree at the local playground bid the grandchildren come and pose, so they did!

Getting ready for worship now with the Preacher,



21 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #30

  1. I love the way you put that in your intro. Yet Metal on top of Letters is beautiful, in more ways than one! And what a cool tree for kids to climb on!

    • I love taking pictures and I don’t think I shouldn’t take them just because I’m not a professional. I never could understand people not belting out a song in church just because they can not sing…make a joyful noise, I say! I’m simply taking joyful pictures, Sylvia! lol!

  2. Congrats on being a Parish Nurse! You ARE a photographer….I feel the exact same way about myself though :). I definitely enjoyed your photos.

  3. These are wonderful! The fluffy had me laugh out loud… an Einstein indeed. So Sweet!
    I love what you write with each photo… it brings me right to the scene… see me there sitting on that lovely green grass ? And I am sitting in the top of the kids tree watching you all 🙂
    Your metal on top of letters is very special & artistic! The name Kauffman jumped out at me three times… Ours was a marvelous lady in our lives for 25 years who treated us as her kids! She is home now with our loving Saviour. In her love though she has left us with wonderful trinkets throughout our home to keep her in our memory.
    Watching rainbows with you my friend… and off to church we go with my guitar carrying husband…

    • I am reminded that students used to think my husband looked like Benjamin Franklin. Three students I taught had an aquarium in their dorm room and had fish in their tank for every faculty member and our husbands. My husband’s fish was named Ben. I had forgotten that till I read your comment.

      When I saw you respond to the name Kauffman I smiled because when I took the picture and saw all the Kauffman names I wondered if someone would relate to them. This blesses me.

      Did your husband lead music today? I can see you two heading off to church together, guitar in tow.

      Chasing rainbows,

  4. You are on a beautiful journey, my friend . . . learning to “see”, “be” and “hear”. Sometimes the medium IS the message and sometimes it’s a tool to accomplish other things in our lives. Your photos and captions are always such a blessing, speaking of an unpretentious life that freely shares your joys, your sorrows, your struggles. I don’t think you are aware how much you touch and impact the lives of those who stop in here.

    That rainbow shot illustrates how you are learning to see in the subtleties of life, before things are full-blown and clearly evident. Einstein’s hair is just pure fun. Your pins are beautiful and heavy with meaning as you have noted. The written letters looked like they could have come off of a census form . . . love the yellowing paper. I love the tree shot with the grandkids . . . pure delight.

  5. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    So many times when you leave a comment, I can not respond because the message is so deep, I just need time to ponder. This is one of those times. As always, thanks for taking the time to be here with me.


  6. Dawn, your wonderful interpretations of life aside…. I love that you have earned your Parish Nurse certification. Nice pin!! I saw my friend Suzanne at the nursing conference in Orlando. Parish Nursing needs to be everywhere. When I retire?? Ahhhh..yes! I think so! Keep inspiring us all to do whatever we can, the best that we can, no matter what. (or how old we are!)
    I belted out the hymns this morning. It felt good! :-).

    • I’m thinking of you beginning your third trimester at the beginning of summer. I had my first baby in August so i know it can be done, but it’s a scorcher. You have my sympathies.

      Thanks for your encouragement in the hunt,

  7. whatayamean… not a photographer. each of your photos tells a story… what could be better than that. congrats on your certification! being a life-long learner keeps the brain stimulated…

    • A story behind each picture, yes! I have that, and if that is a photographer, I fit that definition. Thanks for dropping by and brightening my morning.


  8. What a wonderful set of pictures 🙂 Love how you put your pin over the well written names clever and special! You put a lot of meaning behind all your pictures and descriptions which is very cool and adds so much to it. Congrats on your certification.

  9. Great Set. Loved your Tree Shot, Your grandkids look adorable.
    Awesome capture of the Rainbow.
    Congrats on that Pin and the new advernture in Nursing.
    Hey my hubby has just such “fluffy” hair too.

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