Scavenger Hunt Sunday #31

Every Sunday you will find me here posting my treasures for the five prompts over at Ashley Sisk’s Ramblings and Photos. I LOVE doing this. I have a heightened awareness of my surroundings as I have these 5 simple prompts tucked in my brain week after week. Searching for interpretations of the prompts is exhilarating to me (Yeah, I know, “You gotta get a life, Girl.”)

This IS life–I find that the slowing enlivens! This week’s prompts were especially fun. Thank you Catherine! So…on with the show:

Beneath Your Feet

These are my pups and if you live in a house with 3 dogs you know it is true when I say they are always beneath my feet. It is especially true now that the little one is blind and deaf. He needs me to be very careful where I step at all times. He simply cannot stay out of my way. I must stay out of his. This is a picture from my archives as I simply couldn’t get a shot of them literally beneath my feet although I tried.

Capturing Movement

My creative granddaugter, Jessica, took a series of four shots with the camera within my computer that shows her falling. I thought it was exceptional! I swear there is no bias here, really.


My husband and I live next to a factory that makes sugary drinks and bottles them in plastic jugs. Every week a tanker truck pulls up and delivers corn syrup and pumps it into the factory much like oil is pumped into homes. Usually the seal on the pipe hooking into the factory is not tight and we get corn syrup flowing down the sidewalk on our block. Here is a close up of the corn syrup on the sidewalk this week. I liked the contrast between the smooth (albeit sticky) corn syrup and the grit of the sidewalk!

Face Your Fears

When I took this picture of second granddaughter, Kira, during a refreshment break on our walk to a local store, I thought, “This will be great for Face Your Fears.” She is quite the drama queen!


I took this last evening when my husband and I were on our twilight “walk”. You can see the golden shine on the electric pole as the sun is setting behind us. I have the word “walk” in quotation marks as I broke the little toe on my left foot yesterday morning and I am not getting around too well. Please pray this eases up. I got counsel from my ER Parish Nurse, Cherie, and we taped the toe. I am supposed to walk the Philadelphia Zoo tomorrow with my grandkids. I can rent a wheelchair, but I’d rather not. To sum it all up, I am currently suffering with a broken toe while I am posting this picture for “currently”.

Hugs to all who pass by here today. May the Lord bless you and keep you. It’s Pentecost Sunday–be filled with the Spirit!



10 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #31

  1. Oh dear, Dawn, so sorry to hear about your toe. Hope your trip to the zoo is not too much for you. Yesterday my girls took ME to the zoo, big surprise. I was a little worried how I would do, but we were there for 5 hours and I only sat down for about a half hour total. So thankful for all the healing that continues to take place in my knee.
    Love the picture of your precious pups and your drama queen girl, Kira.
    Praying healing for your little toe.

    • My toe is much better today, but still a bother. I am so happy you had a great day at your zoo yesterday. It gives me hope.

      Grateful for your prayers,

  2. I love Beneath Your Feet! You didn’t even need to explain! At least not to me. Cats, I think, are even worse for getting right where you want to walk. Cute doggies.
    Hope your toe heals fast. (Was it those pups? heh) I broke a pinky once, so know how that is. “Big Foot.”
    God bless! And yes, let’s be filled with His Spirit!

  3. Jessica is the star in this post! I love it! Her computer pictures are so fun and perfect for capturing movement 🙂
    I think your three under your feet beauties would make great foot warmers!

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