Scripture and Snapshot #45 – Psalm 58:9

Reading through the Bible in two years, I read this verse on Wednesday. When I read it I said, “I have to get a picture of a pot boiling on my gas stove for Scripture and a Snapshot. This evening I was boiling string beans, grabbed my camera and shot. I hope you like the results. The string beans were great!

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17 comments on “Scripture and Snapshot #45 – Psalm 58:9

  1. praying for a sweeping …
    Father God, heal our lands… we turn to you Lord

    Thanks for the great photo and verse and reminder that the Lord can turn a kings heart or sweep him away! yay!

  2. I’m with Susan . . . so many unjust situations that I pray will be overturned or turned around with a sweep of His righteous right hand. Great photo and verse connection, Dawn.

  3. I love the picture — just the perfect white space there to write the verse. Looks like you actually wrote it on your stove !!!! That verse is always an encouragement, isn’t it? I’m always amazed when a ruler falls, but I shouldn’t be. Everything is in HIS hands and subject to HIS decisions and rule. I really like that! I can just see that pot boiling over —- I’ve done it many times!

    • There is something quirky about beans on a gas stove illustrating God’s justice, but, this is the way it came to me.

      No bacon, but onions would have been a nice touch,

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