Scavenger Hunt Sunday #32

The Prompts: Shine, Fast, Left, Peace and Plain

THIS morning I am out walking my dog. I say to Mickey, “We may have to walk a long way today, I have to take ALL my scavenger hunt pictures. Wish me luck, Boy.” We got 4 out of the 5 this morning. On the twilight walk this evening I hope to get the fifth. Try to guess which one was taken late in the day.


I really couldn’t believe how magnificent this turned out. I love how radiant the sun is and how everything has a sparkle when it is free to touch all within its reach with its brilliance. I love the “glitter” on the water. This is the river that runs through my city. It divides Williamsport from South Williamsport. This bridge links the two. I am walking on the top of the dike which has been made into a walkway and a bike trail. It is called River Walk.


This is a business one block from my house. It is a chain across the United States. When I finished my doctoral dissertation in 1996, I went to such a business to have them make the materials I needed to present my findings at conferences. They do nice work! This past Christmas they laminated the ornaments for my Jesse Tree that I downloaded from Ann’s.


This tree is leaning to the left. Sorry, Folks, remember I did this whole hunt in one day. I had to stretch for some of these. My other picture for left was a demolished car at the wreckers. It was what was “left” of the car. I went with the tree.


To find a picture for peace, I went to the cemetery and found this. On my way out of the cemetary, however, God said, “How about this”…and so I defer to the great I AM on this one.

There is a DOUBLE rainbow here. He reminded me, as only He can, of His promise that He would never destroy the earth by a flood again – – a promise of peace.


This nest was hanging from a vein on the side of some fencing. It was just a plain old nest made from what we’d ordinarily expect a nest to be made of. It was not even in fancy surroundings. It was….quite simply…plain. I wonder if birds even think in such terms. I saw a bird’s nest on the ground made with blue threads woven through the brown twigs. I  think it was merely available material, but it made me wonder.

Well, that’s it. I hope you had fun. Mickey and I certainly did. Did you guess that the peace picture was the one I got at twilight. If so, you win! I’m headed on over to Ashley’s to check out what others have done.

See you there,

Dawn (with Mickey)


16 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #32

  1. That shine one is a wow! But these are all wonderful, Dawn! You are becoming a capital P Photographer! (And shaming me, because I only got a couple shots to fit the prompts and then the creative compartment of the old brain fizzled. Just couldn’t come up with some, even in a couple days. So your one-day creativity is, at least by comparison, sizzling!

  2. I love all of these.. even the left tree… and the one about what was ‘left’ of the car would have been creative too. My favourite? the one ~ rest in peace~ Susanna. It is a lovely photo! the stone carving is exquisite!
    I think the Lord was definitely on the walk with you and your Mickey… He planned some nice shots there! What a team! loved the rainbow! H

  3. I love the nest and Susanna’s marker. Of course, I love cemeteries so that’s no surprise. Beautiful rainbow! No need to apologize for your left shot . . . the prompt leaves lots of room for personal interpretation and I like your left-leaning tree. Happy Sunday, Dawn.

    • You loved the nest. It took a lot of editing to get that nest out of the shadow of the fencing to which it was attached. Once I adjusted for the shadows, I really liked it. I’m so glad you mentioned it because it took some doing to get it likeable, ha!

      I had a happy Sunday,

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