Scripture and a Snapshot #47 – Proverbs 16:33

I found this little verse in the New Living Translation as I was reading my way through the Bible. Having the verse, I turned my attention to finding a die glamorous enough for the shot. This little gem has been sitting on the window sill in my kitchen for some time. I think it was meant for today, and so, “Here she is for her first appearance in public at the infamous Scripture and a Snapshot hosted by Katie Lloyd.” She could not ask for a better audience.

Doesn’t this verse give you reason for pause? I think of all I could do today to make a difference and then realized that I am just “rolling the die” but He will determine its outcome. Powerful! I continue to roll, however, It’s 6:30 am and I have already written to Bill O’Reilly to investigate what I consider the unfair firing of an x-ray technician and the unfair reprimands of two military women breastfeeding their infants in uniform.

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6 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #47 – Proverbs 16:33

  1. I’ll never read that verse again without thinking of your picture, Dawn!!! Reminds me of the 50’s when those HUGE die were hanging from mirrors on souped up cars! At first reflection, it sounds like we have absolutely no control of the outcome of anything. On longer reflection, it’s such a good thing that we have no control of the outcome of anything. To think that I haphazzardly throw my imperfect efforts out there, hoping for perfected outcomes, and HE takes that roll and makes it so HE is the winner every time. And that’s a good thing —- if I’m on HIS side. Playing HIS game. Something to chew on today. Thank you, Dawn!

  2. You know, Cora, right after I posted this, I was lead to read Ephesians 3:20 “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Many times I “roll the die” thinking I know what He wants, but I really have no idea what He is doing. His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. My job is to simply surrender, to do the next right thing; He is with me, that’s all I know. And when He is with me, we win every time because He determines what a win looks like. You’re so right: this is such a good thing!

  3. As I am officially job hunting now, I can see how this applies here as well. It has actually encouraged me to apply for some things that I would normally think are out of my range but the LORD will determine the outcome and I definitely won’t be hired for any job that I DON’T apply for. Reminds me of one of my favourite phrases “but God . . .” Thanks for sharing your sparkly blue die and the verse.

  4. We love games and even there, it is not our doing at what the dice shows 🙂 more so in real life… so glad my God chooses!

    I also love your driftwood at the top… a howling coyote with his head way back.

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