The quest for truth about judgement of works for believers

This is my third post on my quest to delineate/reiterate/review/investigate what the current thinking is on God’s eternal judgement. As in all of life, I was searching for a simple answer and find myself standing in the entryway of a room of answers. I have spent the last two days sifting through those answers in between posting my weekly photo blogs, applying for jobs that pay and doing what the Lord calls me to do for others. Today my son and grandchildren are coming to spend Father’s Day here. I wanted to get a few thoughts down before the day gets away from me.

In my quest to uncover what happens at the Great White Throne Judgement (talked about in Revelation 20), I had to come face to face with the ideas that some think believers will be at the Great White Throne Judgement and others think that judgement is for nonbelievers only and the Lamb’s Book of Life is only opened to show nonbelievers their name is not there. There is a third group who think believers will be there, but only to watch what could have happened to them had their names not been written in the Book of Life.

If believers are not at the Great White Throne Judgement at the end of time, I have discovered there are various ideas about when believers will be judged. Some believe we are judged immediately upon our deaths, but some think we wait till the millennial reign begins after the tribulation or thereabouts (because it depends if and when the Rapture occurs). You can see that this maze gets thicker and thicker. Well, Dear Readers, while this is all very interesting, I suppose, to some, I really only wanted to know if the believer’s WORKS were ever judged. Is there ever a time when a believer’s life is “flashed before their eyes” in a life-review type situation?

It seems so. I didn’t think so before I did this review, but it does seem quite plausible to me now. In my pursuit of information about the judgement of believers I ran repeatedly into this phrase the bema or mercy seat of Christ. I will pick up here on Monday when I link with Ann. Please stay with me, I am getting somewhere glorious. I promise!

Happy Father’s Day, especially to our Abba Father in heaven Who does wondrous things for us every day, such things way beyond what we could ask or think,



5 comments on “The quest for truth about judgement of works for believers

  1. I really love it when people I love aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions, then authentically search for God’s answers to them! So much better than just adopting and repeating “current thinking” on them, huh? That changes strikingly, era to era, even sometimes decade to decade, and culture to culture, doesn’t it? Looks like you”re getting more than some head answer or personal opinion. This process can put the awesomeness and beyond-us-ness of God (pardon the made-up word) before us so much more strongly, can’t it? Therein may lie the biggest blessing of all.

    • Oh, my, this is EXACTLY “it”, Sylvia. When you really pick and probe because you really really want an answer and you want that answer for the right reasons, you get them.

      Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
      8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

      When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures. James 4:3

      I think my reasons will become clear as I go through this (what is becoming) a series.

      Thanks for seeing this, Sylvia,

  2. Just wrote a long post and lost it! Anyways, here’s the short version. I found in an old, old, Bible notes I had taken during an End Times conference as a teen ager. The speaker was Lehman Strauss. Boring as anything, but I have stuck with this because it all made sense and came together from the whole counsel of the Word of God. I googled this guys name and lo and behold, I found this:
    If nothing else, it gives a good outline of the judgments and what will happen at each. Now, if only I can remember them all and who fits where!!!!

    The hard questions seem to always come to a head for each of us when confronted with them (like you, Dawn, at the funeral). For me, it was when someone confronted me with Hebrews 6. I was a first-timer at a Bible Study and asked to tell a little about myself, when I was saved, etc. So I did. I included that I had been a “prodigal” and had left the church for a while, etc. When I finished, this guy popped up and told me that according to Hebrews 6, I could not be saved if I had been at one time and had left, using this 4th verse as his point. It sent me on a quest for truth really fast!!!!!

    Can’t wait to hear more!

    • I really really really hate when you say you spend a long time posting something and then lost it. I treasure every single word you pen and when they get lost I know I lose. Thanks for re-creating this. Once the grandkids leave, I will spend time at the site you give here.

      Love you,
      Have a great weekend, you and Buster,

      • Dear Cora… I just chewed through and what a mindful I will have to meditate on while I head out to milk my goats. I am so pleased I have ten goats to milk as this gives me much thinking and praying time …. and then I have a day of manure spreading and a new barn door building which offers my thoughts even more time to line up with what God would speak to me.
        These verses keeps coming to me from Revelations, Whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to Him who sits on the throne, who lives forever and ever, the twenty-four elders fall down before Him who sits on the throne and worship Him who lives forever and ever, and “cast their crowns before the throne, saying:”

        “You are worthy, O Lord,
        To receive glory and honor and power;
        For You created all things,
        And by Your will they exist and were created.”
        from my “time in the the presence of the Lord” there was no hungering for my ‘rewards’ or crowns… it was all about laying it down before Him who was worthy…the reward was seeing how “he” worked out those marvelous things in my life. As a gold goblet in itself may have beauty and glory, the praise really goes to the “One” who made the gold goblet. In this life we are egocentricly driven and the carnal drive for rewards and crowns can feed upon the flesh. He that will be great among you must be the servant of all (again the desire shouldn’t be upon being great but the passion should be in serving because it is no longer I that live but Christ that liveth in me, so we live out that love).
        When we try to understand scripture in a carnal heart, it is about us and what we can gain… how can I gain ‘many crowns’ or rewards.
        When we try to understand scripture in a heart humbled before God it is about laying “all” that He gives us right back at His feet, for we see that He alone is worthy of honour and praise and that any good thing we do comes from His working in our hearts.
        Let me say that this was not a hard thing, in His presence, to give Him all the praise…When we see Him, when we are in His glorious presence, time is no more and there is nothing more precious than to give Him all our worship. At that time flesh and sin will offer no distraction.

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