Scavenger Hunt Sunday #34

What a wonderful week of hunting. I had a picture for all 5 prompts by Thursday. That is some kind of a record for me, but the weather here in northcentral Pennsylvania has been fabulous and I was able to walk and carry my camera about three times as often as usual. I hope you like what I found. The prompts were:

  1. Meet me at the corner
  2. Mother nature meets technology
  3. One step at a time
  4. What’s wrong with this picture
  5. Standing tall

Meet me at the corner

The Old Corner Grill is a rejuvenated eatery in one of the alleys of our small city. This is a brand new neon sign they just attached to the front of the hotel this past week. How fortunate for me!

Mother nature meets technology

A bird has a choice to perch on the tree or on the wire. He chooses the wire. This is a classic “nature meets technology”, me thinks.

One step at a time

It is wise to have one step at a time. We have two sets of steps here. When the Preacher and I bought this little Victorian house the back door was at the top of the cement steps. I asked him to move the door to the left. Being the marvelous handyman that he is, he moved the door which left the steps going nowhere and the new door needing steps. He built the small wooden deck with steps over the cement ones. This is really helpful when 3 dogs want to go in and out. The bricks along the edges keep the littlest dog, who is blind, from falling off!

What’s wrong with this picture?

Someone hit this sign to the bridge that connects the two parts of our city. They left a piece their car’s bumper behind.

Standing tall

I was so happy when I came upon this lovely garden with a scarecrow standing tall!

I am really excited to see your pictures because these prompts really made me have to stretch. It’s the stretching that makes this hunt so fun and I’d like to see what happened when you hunted. I’m off to look at what you found. I just know it will be very special.



21 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #34

    • Dear Patrice,

      Thanks for stopping by. I was so happy when I came upon that scarecrow. It was one of those special moments one gets after “rounding a corner” of one’s neighborhood where one is unfamiliar!

      Have a great day!

    • Susan,

      My garden will never look like this. The insects have chewed through my pepper leaves and my tomato plants are somehow stunted. I have no blossoms on my red raspberry bushes and the frost got my blueberry blossoms after a week of unusually hot weather so the fruit that resulted was shriveled.

  1. Love that scarecrow and your corner shot . . . such great finds! If I were a bird, I know I would much prefer a branch in a tree to a cold metal wire. You have certainly got some challenging clues picked out for us this next week, scratching my head right now, but I’m sure inspiration will come.

  2. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    I’m sure inspiration will come to you! I hope it comes to me. I wanted to pick more masculine (in my opinion) words to see what we, a primarily female bunch of photographers and picture-takers, would do. I am SO excited for next week!

    I headed over to your place now,


  3. I had to laugh at your comment to Susan! I felt like I was reading Habbakuk there for a minute.

    Loved the pictures, Dawn. Especially the Standind Tall. I have a thing for scarecrows. Now that I think of it, I should have taken pictures of all the scarecrows I’ve met throughout my life. It would have made a neat collection.

    Loved that Old Corner. Wonder how the food is there????

  4. Habbakuk, that’s me, Cora! When I re-read the reply (for editing purposes), I thought the same as you. I’m such a drama queen.

    A scarecrow collection? That certainly would be different, but interesting.

    The food at the Old Corner used to be EXPENSIVE (it was a gay bar). I find a couple comprised of two males tends to have a lot of money. The fare was too steep for the Preacher and I (ethics-wise). Since the remaking of the place, I don’t know. Perhaps I will request going there the next time a meal out is in order.

    Praising the Lord in the land of no blueberries,

    • That is the picture I spent the most time thinking about, Kathy. I am so glad you appreciate it. I was far away so it took some editing of exposure and shading to get the look you see here. When I was shooting, I wanted the bird on the wire and just a bit of tree so the framing would show that the bird did have a choice. Again, thanks for your encouraging words,


  5. I feel like I just had tea and a chat with you all! Ready to go home and milk my goaties! And pick caterpillars off of ‘whatever’ … love those little creatures. There are just so many of them!

  6. I didn’t pick caterpillars, but I did a fair amount of watering. My wildflower seedlings are just beginning to differentiate so I wanted to give them a bit of a push. I also took some shade away from the tomatoes to let them have more sun. My final move was to pull a few weeds.

    Susan, I am surprised you have to milk with all the baby goats you have. Do you milk to make more milk so you have enough for cheese and stuff? Just a bit of conversation “around the table” from a non-goat person.


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