Scripture and a Snapshot #48 – Isaiah 49:15-16a

I read this verse on Thursday as part of my daily breakfast Bible reading with my husband. When I read it, in my mind’s eye, I saw my children’s names written on my hand. Well, after I scoured the house for a washable black marker and secured one, I proceeded to make the above scratchings on the palm of my hand. I readied my camera with the other hand and snapped. Long after this post is history, I will have this picture in my mind of my children’s names on my hand. It really did something for me in my heart. I am only sorry I didn’t put my daughters-in-law on there, too. They are my children by marriage. Anyway, I found physically writing their names on my hand really heightened my prayer for them throughout the day. Thank you, God, for writing my name on Your almighty hand as a model for me in prayerful parenting.

With the Scripture and a Snapshot community at Katie Lloyd’s today,



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