Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Oh my, I gave the list of prompts this week and I have to tell you, I was out last evening before twilight still hunting for concentric circles. I had a picture in the archives if I really had to do that, but I wanted a spontaneous find so I persisted. Anyway, here are my pictures for this week. I really hope you had fun with the prompts. I discovered I really had to be intentional to get them. The prompts were: warped, concentric circles, gear, glazed and marble.


This is on a bridge I ride over when I ride my bike.

Concentric circles

I was just about ready to go in the house and take a picture of nesting bowls after washing out my garbage can. I turned the garbage can upside down and what did I see? Yes, concentric circles. I was so happy. I know, I know…I really must get a life, but it is these small things that bring such joy!


I live next to a recycling center and many people glean from the things that are brought. This man picked up plenty of gear this particular day. In his right hand is a large Disney character water globe. I don’t know how far he got with that in his hand since he couldn’t shift gears like that!


This is a close-up shot of a rock garden along the bike path where I ride. In addition to rock, the woman who did this has interspersed pieces of glazed pottery, some painted metal signs and her tender loving care. My grandchildren love to stop when we ride by here and just look at all the wondrous things. I think we are going to make one in their “ditch house” next time I visit them.


I shot this picture of my husband standing on the marble steps leading up to a condemned building. I found that rather odd that a building with fine marble steps would be condemned. So did he so we thought this was an interesting find for this prompt.

With special interest, I am going to visit you through Ashley’s wonderful link site to see what you did. I am so excited! (Remember, I get excited about the bottom of garbage cans.)

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11 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. You are too cute, Dawn . . . love your excitement at finally finding your circle shot. Great job with warped and I think somebody needs to love that old building and give it another chance.

  2. Interesting set. I think you’d be really careful to ride on the left side of that Warped Bridge for sure.
    Yes I think it is odd that a building with Marble steps would be condemned.

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