What is the House of Hope? I’m sure I don’t know…yet!

It is just an ordinary prefabricated double wide set on top of a double garage. It’s style is 1980’s and its basement is unfinished. It sits halfway up the north side of a hill and to get to it you need a 4-wheel drive vehicle in the winter because the snow never melts off the driveway. If there is an ice storm you walk up. This house is furnished, but no one has lived in it for over a year. I go there to make cards once a month or so. It was my husband’s mother’s house and now it is our house. A couple people have offered to buy it, but nothing has been done about that. For some reason it has just continued to sit there. We don’t talk about it.

This week a vision came to three of us–all in separate locations, but all about the house. Two even told the almost identical story of seeing such a house as younger women and the name of that house, for both of them, was–the House of Hope. There is a vision materializing in the hearts of three women as they witness a mass exodus from the hospital in our town through major downsizing served. Being the largest employer in town, half the town’s people are facing the wilderness. Those remaining in the work force are full of fear and face intimidation.

Like the Israelites in the wilderness, the unemployed simply get up each morning and wander. They are moving to the Red Sea. Their social responsibilities continue to chase them, but they are fast approaching a place of no return, a place where they find there is nowhere to go. Something HAS to change. At the edge of the Red Sea Moses says,

13 “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. 14 The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

That has been God’s word to me since January. “Be still. Don’t plan. Just do the next right thing I put in front of you.” And so, now there is this vision…maybe tomorrow I’ll get to see more. Right now, it’s still a bit fuzzy. PLEASE PRAY that I see it when it comes.

I know that Miriam danced and praised after God parted the Red Sea. Whether He parts it or not, I will praise Him. With the Multitudes on Monday at Ann’s, I thank God for

#679 hope.

#680 faith that can see in snippets.

#681 a piece of property with ceramics in the basement (that was a key confirmation to one woman).

#682 finding chrome-covered stainless steel and two welders willing to make a Hope gate for the house.

#683 my grandson, Harry IV, who is 6 years old today.

#684 friends who serve as wonderful references to my work ethic, team spirit and professionalism as I seek employment as a requisite of getting  unemployment.

#685 a hippie wedding with sweet folks from a completely different lifestyle who made me feel welcome at their party.

#686 for removing my fear of street people and showing me what I can learn from them as I simply walk beside them in the way.

#687 my dog, Mickey, and the constant reminder I have in him that some things, in all of us, just take time.

Mickey reading a magazine while he waits for us to return

#689 for an enthusiastic District Superintendent for my church’s denomination and the first meeting of the Parish Nurses in the county this Thursday.

Truly thankful at the edge of the Red Sea,



15 comments on “What is the House of Hope? I’m sure I don’t know…yet!

    • Andrea Dawn,

      Your prayers are like gold to me. I don’t want to miss God ever again. I know that is not realistic, but I really want to be in the palm of His hand.

      Thank you, Dear Sister,

  1. A House of Hope! Now I want to be a part of this vision! I can’t believe this, Dawn. I was just commenting that I need a whole ‘nuther house for all this card crafting stuff.
    And here you are with one. My mind was racing as I thought of these women with a vision. I’m praying with Andrea Dawn for eyes to see and hears to hear.

    I, too, loved the hippie wedding. What a trip! I can just see you there.

    Loved your whole list today, Dawn. It brought sunshine to my very soggy, wet, dim, Florida soul!!!!!

    • Cora,

      If I could bag the energy, creativity, drive and faith you have and sell it as a tincture, I would be a millionaire. Do stay dry, Dear Heart! I have friends there on vacation who are not having a very good time. How is the card ministry going?

      At the hippie wedding I was offered a beer, shown how to work a poi, strummed an acoustic guitar, blew bubbles into the air and belted out hillbilly tunes with the rest of ’em at the reception. I had to leave when the mosquitoes got bad. They love me, unfortunately.


    • This was all back in the 80’s. I broke my back lifting those heavy molds. I slowly sold off all the supplies, molds and kilns. I had also done a lot of china painting back then. Really loved that. I miss those younger days when I seemed to pack more life into a day than I can do in a week now. When I think about it, how in the world did we do all that — church ministries, friends, jobs, keeping house, family, etc., etc. Makes me breathless just to think of it.

      I’ve sent out my first box of cards. I just love doing this. I have a nursing home close by, and one that a group from our church goes to once a month, and I think I’m going to take a bunch to each of those, too. I’ve enlisted a friend who is doing cutting with my sizzix and gluing. She has a straighter eye than I do and gets it centered and straight the first try!

  2. I am praying Dawn. I just loved how you shared your heart and loved on your list hope in snippets…that spoke to me. Blessings on your week.

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