Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Ashley Sisk is a New Mommy

The prompts were Sunset, Sweet, Hanging Around, Funny Face and Space


I was whining that the sky was so cloudy that I wouldn’t see a sunset. Why do I doubt Him?


This is Solomon. His Mommy and Daddy and Uncle Jess joined our church Sunday. We celebrated with cupcakes. He put his sweet face right down into the sweet vanilla frosting.

Hanging Around

Our daughter, Abby, sent her Dad a hedgehog with magnetic hands and feet for Father’s Day. I hung it on his work desk lamp to keep him company!

Funny Face

This silly face is Bob’s logo apparently.


I went to the cemetary to find a stone that indicated there was space for someone to be buried there yet. This monument has space for the wife.

Thanks Sarah for hosting SHS while Ashley adjusts to her new responsibilities. You  are a true friend and marvelous hostess. Thanks from all of us SHS ers. Next week’s prompts are: patriotic, view from above, mosaic, something tiny and vibrant. Love these! See you next week!



7 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Ashley Sisk is a New Mommy

      • it is all joy… I am savouring long and sweet… holding fast to these many blessings… stamina good. The joy of the Lord is my strength…thank you for your prayers dear friend.

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