Scavenger Hunt Sunday #37

Sarah Halstead is so kind to host Scavenger Hunt Sunday for those of us who truly LOVE the hunt. Thank you so much, Sarah. The prompts this week were: patriotic, view from above, mosaic, something tiny and vibrant.


These were the table decorations this past week at my wonderful coffee shop, Round the World Coffee, on the Golden Strip. I think I might just post this on their Facebook page, too! The flower arrangements are done by Nevill’s Flowers in my home town of Montoursville. I love how they put a red carnation surrounded by white baby’s breath into a blue bottle. Sigh!

View from above

My husband, being the genealogist he is, had to go to this beautiful historical old building in our city to talk to our state congressman. I wandered throughout the building while my husband “sold our farm” to get what he needed from the commission on veterans’ affairs. (Just kidding) I was standing on the third floor of this building and took a shot down stairs leading to the second floor.


I was stunned when I tried to get a picture for this prompt that my city has nothing mosaic. How can that be? All I could find was this black and white tiling of the name of a beautiful garden in the middle of the city.

Something tiny

The workers laying sewer near the bike trail really didn’t want bikers on the trail, but bikers made a tiny path to the side of the trail to get around them. This weekend we bikers found this huge shovel end of a loader precisely placed so we couldn’t even ride the tiny path. You see here a biker shouldering his bike while hanging onto the the shovel so he doesn’t fall into the ravine as he walks precariously around the shovel to resume his ride on the path on the other side!


These flowers adorn the entryway to our local community college. All I can say is someone really knows what he/she is doing. They are spectacular!

I hope to see many of you over at Sarah’s,



8 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #37

  1. Lovely, lovely patriotic bouquets! I think your Way’s Garden sign works perfect for mosaic and those flowers are truly, vibrantly gorgeous. Hope the issue with the bicycle path is resolved quickly. Hugs to you, Andrea Dawn

  2. Andrea Dawn,

    How has your pain been? Has your knee problem resolved? I haven’t asked in a long time and I wonder how that is going. Thanks for gracing me with a visit.


    • Pain is now kind of off and on, depending on what I do, but I can do SO MUCH more and am so thankful. I think though, that the physiotherapists were correct in saying that it would take a full year to feel pretty much normal. As time goes by I am less conscious of the fact that I have had the surgery. Thanks for asking, I had 3 outings this week with Colleen from the senior’s home and am often just spent when I am done. She is manic/depressive, OCD and complains about just about everything. I keep trying to stay positive and steer conversations to healthy, wholesome topics, but it is definitely a challenge. It has definitely cut down on my blog hopping and photography but I try to get by here often.

  3. Really nice set. The Patriotic Flowers are very pretty.
    I admire the perseverance of the Rider in your Tiny path shot.
    Vibrant is so pretty.
    View From Above – Great shot.

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