Multitudes on Monday

My granddaughters and I just spent a long weekend studying poverty and immigration issues at my church’s School of Christian Mission. It was a profound time in many ways. The subjects were such that we left with as many questions as we came with. The diversity of solutions was amazing and the persistence of some who had worked their lifetimes with these issues was quite convicting. I could say a lot about all of that, but I want my thank yous to be of a more personal nature for they are what were most valuable to me. I am thankful this Monday for

#713 Jessica making some friends who want to serve Jesus with their whole heart. We prayed together before the weekend started that this would happen. Thank you, Jesus! Jessica posted on Facebook this was the best weekend of her life.

#714 scholarship money that enabled Jessica to stay over night in the dorm with other girls her age.

#715 their parents who were willing to drive granddaughters from southern New Jersey to central Pennsylvania to share this time with me.

#716 for childlike faith

#717 a poem by Susan that I read to one of my poverty classes that left the people teary-eyed.

#718 new friends and networks for medical supplies. The coordinator knew the equipment I had collected to send and why it was so important.

#719 sharing Caleb Voskamp’s day to day story last week as we were simultaneously studying Haiti at our Christian Mission School.

#720 Walmart trucks who will carry the loads of medical supplies from my city to Nashville, Tennesee for distribution throughout the needy world through CURE.

#721 a husband who keeps the “home fires” burning and for my son, Samuel, who helped get his Dad to his preaching assignments while I was gone.

#722 a new church in the Bahamas

#723 teenage boys who unloaded tons of potatoes for a local mission.

#724 home and rest after a HUGE time of blessing.

With the Multitudes this Monday,



11 comments on “Multitudes on Monday

  1. Wow, rejoicing with you in all of this. But the ones that lift my heart the most are the “closest to home,” #713-717, and of those especially #713. Hallelujah! 🙂

  2. Oh, dear Dawn, thank you for the photo of the Tracy Ogden memorial stone. It made me feel like crying for a dear woman we knew. When we first moved back to South Williamsport from Virginia, Tracy taught violin to Matthew and piano to me. We were not great students but she taught us to appreciate what we could do. I also babysat her children on several occasions. She was such a sweetheart and died way too soon. Guess God needed her music more than we did. Thanks for reminding me of her spiritual side as well. N.

    • Ah, this was such an amazing bit of revelation to me. I did not know all this about Tracy. I knew she played piano at the district women’s events and was a dedicated woman in our denomination, but I did not know she gave music lessons or that you knew her. How wonderful! We must speak further about this. I think it’s time you accompany me to School of Christian Mission, too!

      Hmmmm, you play piano, do you?

      • Dawn, Actually Tracy was a wonderful teacher but I was a less than talented student. Nevertheless she taught me to read music but my right hand does not knoweth what my left hand doeth. Please don’t ask me to sub for dear Nan.

  3. Dawn, I am always amazed at all the fires you keep burning and the lives you touch in so many different ways. I’m so glad for your granddaughter and her chance to do this. I think the absolute most memorable thing in my teen years and what changed my life the most was going into New York City to the Bowery Mission on Saturday nights and singing for those homeless men. I still see their faces today — they are etched forever on my mind and heart.

    Loved your whole list here today. Your heart oozed through each and every one of them!

  4. PS: And I LOVE your header!!!! I think Queen Ann’s Lace flowers are about my favorite of all. I remember in Virginia coming across a whole field of them and screeching to a hault and picking a million of them. I brought them all home, dried them in my microwave in silica gel, and cherished each and every one of them. I’d love to be in the middle of that picture right now!!!!

    • Cora,

      Will you be my best friend? I love you beyond words and I have never laid eyes on you. I love how you rejoice with me in every victory and stay by my side when things are really rough. I love how you love the simplest things (as do I) and how you know how to do so many things, from gardening to drying flowers to creating verse. I, also, marvel at your memory of dates, times, places and events. Please never stop coming to visit. It would make my heart ache. Have a wonderful Wednesday. I am driving to our state capitol for a meeting tomorrow and then to meet a former student afterwards whom I haven’t seen in 2 years! We’re supposed to ride bikes together. It was 99 degrees here today. I don’t know if I can ride in heat like that. We may have to go to the mall and walk around in the air conditioning! You can bet our lips will be moving whatever we do!


  5. Dawn, I’m back, wondering how your metting went and your bike ride in the heat!!!!! Knowing you, it probably all went well and you had a great time. You were on my mind yesterday, and in my prayers — I I was mostly thanking God for you and the enduring impression you have made on my life! Thank you for that. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

    • Yes, my friend, Keena, and I rode bikes. There was a thunder storm a half hour before we met up with one another and the temperature dropped 20 degrees (into the 70’s). We biked in the after-mist and got thoroughly soaked, but we were so happy. Keena took all the pictures of our time together and she will send them to me once she gets them downloaded. When she does, I will make sure you get to see them. Keena is in Honduras now. She arrived there today to be involved in running a Bible School for missionary friends of hers there. Me? I wrote a blog post, smile.

      Thanks for praying. I had unusual strength yesterday. I knew I was being upheld by someone. It was you!
      Praise to our beautiful Savior,

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