Scavenger Hunt Sunday #38

Back at home base with Ashley Sisk, I link with Scavenger Hunt Sunday to share with this great community. Ashley’s own postings this week are darling and it appears as though the couple is making the transition to parenting very well. Take it from me, an OB nurse with 30 years experience, when the lactation visit is made just to report that everything is going well that is a real positive indicator. So, on with the hunt, the prompts this week were:

  1. Wrapped
  2. Time Together
  3. Tell Me a Story
  4. Love or Couple
  5. Duplicated


Alana is 9 years old. Her mother is studying to be a lactation consultant and talking about breastfeeding babies and wrapping a baby skin-to-skin with the mommy to encourage first feedings. Alana heard all this and wrapped her little doll skin-to-skin with her big doll because, “That is best for the baby to feed well.” Don’t you just love it?

Time Together

My granddaughters and I spent time together with our church women learning about the missions of our church. Here is a picture of my granddaughters “listening” to the choir. They had just learned about India and had each gotten a henna tatoo on their hands. They were preoccupied!

Tell Me A Story

Kira is my 6-year-old granddaughter. When she spent 4 days with me last week, we’d sit down at the end of the day and open this big coffee table book on Noah’s Ark. It is a book of water color paintings of the story of Noah’s Ark painted by Dutch artist Rien Poortvliet. He explains, in his own handwriting, how the paintings were done and finalized. We had a lot of fun talking together about the flood story.

Love or Couple

No matter where my husband is in the house, that is where you will find Mickey, our shih-tzu. They are an inseparable “couple”.


I went to a yard sale and picked up 4 trucks for $5.00. Two of them were exactly the same. That will be good when I have a couple of grandsons together! Yes!

Have a great Sunday,



5 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #38

  1. Dawn, you did real good!!!!
    your man looks awesome with his furry friend and I had to smile at your duplicate… I had a friend show up with the same for our grandkiddies… from an auction…
    Your wrapped brings my grandkiddies to heart and the tell me a story looks like a facinating story!
    really great photos!

  2. Hello Dawn . . . it feels like forever since I connected with you. What a perfect shot for wrapped and goes to show how observant children are and how much they absorb that is not directed at them. I think that goes for the grandgirlies too, that are distracted by their henna’d hands . . . still soaking in the atmosphere and hearing all that is said/sung. I would love to peruse that book a while, the artwork is amazing. Hugs. sweet lady.

  3. I like the way you took the duplicate picture, the colors so bright and clear in contrast. (And green grass! That’s been a rarity lately!) And your hubby looks like a dear, there, holding your doggie. You could almost title that one “tell me a story” although Pups doesn’t seem to be paying any closer attention than granddaughters…) But what else really sparkled for me was you header picture. The way the Queen Anne’s lace and red clover look is lovely.

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