Little Dog

Fourteen years ago my son and his wife went to the SPCA and got this little dog. I thought he was the greatest little dog, but he didn’t think much of me. No matter how I wanted him to come sit on my lap, he would go to someone else. Since he wouldn’t come to me, I decided I’d have to get a little dog of my own. I went searching and got a dog of my own. She was a lot bigger than the little dog, but she won my heart.

Not long after I got my dog, the little dog got a human sister. He didn’t want a human sister and he told the family so by biting the baby sister on her face. Baby sister’s mama wanted the little dog killed. Needless to say, the little dog came to live at my house. He still wasn’t to keen on being with me and became my husband’s dog by default. My dog was real happy about that. The baby sister will be 12 this year which makes the little dog 15. That is old for a dog. Little dog cannot see and cannot hear and loses his way, but he is now MY dog. He wants to be with me all the time.

Yesterday I wrote about God’s timing. Fourteen years ago I really really really wanted the little dog to be my dog. I just thought he was so very ME. Do you know what I mean? Well, guess what? He is now old and cannot see and cannot hear. His sniffer still works, but I don’t think very well, but he sniffs and sniffs until he finds ME. He is my dog in every way. It is very much God’s timing because I love to take care of him and he needs it. I wonder, who else is in my life like that? Who else did not care to be with me when I was younger, but who may need me now and enjoy my company now? Who may I have snubbed as a younger woman, but I now know is a treasure? I must think about this some more and go through my acquaintances…maybe now is the time, God’s time. Come to think of it, I got a call yesterday from an old high school friend who wants to meet me for lunch Saturday. I haven’t seen her in years. This may be the beginning of something special.

Walking with Him Wednesday,



5 comments on “Little Dog

  1. Dear Dawn . . . nice to have a few moments this morning to check in with you. Such wonderful insight you have to this story so long in the making. It reminds me of the “Old, old story” of Jesus and His love for all of us. He SO wants us to be HIS sheep, His people and gently, faithfully, pursues, waits for us to realize how much we need Him, to come to Him and let Him do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Blessings today and always, dear lady.

  2. Oh, Andrea, this was just what I was thinking as I wrote this: How much my story with Little Dog is like me with God. There is nothing as valuable as experiential learning.

    Thank you my Artist, my Friend,

  3. I just love that little guy!!!! And after reading Andrea’s comment, all I can say is AMEN! I, too, think of how much our Savior wants to help us and guide us when we can’t find our way and bump into things. At least your little dog has the sense and the trust to know who to latch on to and follow in his darkness. Why does it take us a lifetime to figure out we cannot do it on our own???!!!! If only I could get that through some thick heads I know —- including my own!

    And you know, I couldn’t help but think of people in my past that I just didn’t allow into my “circle.” I was either intimidated by them or looked down on them. I can say that now. Back then, I think I pretended not to even see them. I had my comfort circle and never stepped away from that. As I read that part of your post, it was like walking down a hallway with pictures on the walls, showing me those who I . . . “did not prefer.” I wonder what would happen if I prayed that somehow God would lead me to a few of those. . . .????

  4. I love your visual of the hallway of pictures. I can see my people in picture frames now, too. I bet God is going to bring them to both of us now. I make a pact with you that I WILL minister to mine when they come. I have to send notes to a couple people right now, people I have committed to support and haven’t done that today. Love you,

  5. This is so very heartwarming… It is often hard work to be so needed but so very satisfying to know you have helped make a difference for someone. I love that you are there for the dear old doggy of yours. Scripture says that the righteous man is ‘kind’ to his animals… that is you indeed!
    Have fun with you old friend you will be reunited with…
    love you dear one; I love your stories. I can share them with anyone and it makes us all smile and be very pensive of God’s working in our own lives.

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