Scavenger Hunt Sunday #39

I left the house this evening for a twilight walk with my husband. I had my camera in hand and I said to him, “We still have to get the “shapes” prompt. I haven’t been able to get that one all week. We didn’t walk 2 blocks and I found it. How did I not see these before on the side of the factory next door to where I live? I hope you enjoyed getting your pictures as much as I did this week. I’ll be around to see how you did with the prompts: paint, green, eyelashes, shapes and clouds. Here are mine!


Two women in my neighborhood were staining their fence and I asked if I could take their pictures. They were kind enough to oblige. They are doing a good job, no?


This was a shot from underneath my  young green pepper plants. They are producing, but much too slowly for this woman who loves fresh peppers from the garden.


This picture is from the archives. The only time you can see the beautiful lashes on my Shelly is when she is being bathed. Otherwise, hair covers her eyes and the eyelashes keep the hair off her eyeballs. They have to be really long to function like this, and they are!


This was the toughest prompt for me this week, but I finally got it. I love the variety of shapes this picture has in it. This is exactly what I was looking for.


I love twilight and this picture is a wonderful example of just why. The golden sun lighting up the clouds and making shadows on the ground. It only lasts a few moments every day, but it is so worth waiting for. Creation shouts “glory”!

Thank you for visiting, my friends,



11 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #39

  1. what really sticks with me other than those cute eyelashes and twighlight… is the small set of paintbrushes those dear ladies are using. No wonder they need such large refreshments as I see set beside them… And yes, they are doing a lovely job!

    your peppers, by the way, are far ahead of mine…

  2. Yes, Dawn, it does seem we traveled the same path for this hunt. My favourite is your shapes . . . you could do a kindergarten lesson of basic shapes with this one shot (circle, triangle, diamond, rectangle) Love it. Susan was very observant to notice the size of those paint brushes, the job might go faster with bigger brushes. Happy weekend, dear.

  3. Very nice set.
    How nice of the ladies painting the fence to let you take their photo. They seem to be enjoying their painting.
    Shapes seems to have give several of us a difficult time this week. – I think you pulled it off beautifully.
    Loved Your Cloud Shot, that is my favorite from your set this week.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Lee. I see you are from Australia. I have written to a woman for almost 50 years from Australia. We became pen pals as 12-year-old Beatlemaniacs. I also have a lovely midwife friend there whom I met through Sparkpeople. You Aussies are fine, fine people!

  4. I really loved the shot of the clouds over the graveyard! I have a thing for old graveyards anyway, as I love reading the headstones. And I did notice, too, the tiny, little brushes those ladies were using on that fence! But, hey!, they were getting the job done! Good job, Dawn!

    • Cora,

      You broke the wordpress barrier! It’s so good to “see” you on this side of my computer. Hooray! Hooray!
      I thought of you when I posted that cloud picture because you liked my old graveyard header. It was the same scene, but was darker and misty taken on a different day.

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