His love…for such a time as this

Yesterday I did not post. Yesterday was a day of “being with” and “doing for”. It was a very difficult day. I spent the morning working with my sister on her resume and wording a cover letter for the resume in just the right words. When we finished, as the letter was being spewed out from the printer, I looked over at her and she was staring ahead–almost trance-like. She had a pill in her hand and I said, “Do you need some water to take a pill?” She nodded “yes”. But she didn’t say anything else. I got her a glass of water and gathered the papers of her job application. She took her pill and we headed out the door to meet Ashley.

Ashley’s husband works as the institutional technology person for the non-profit where my sister is applying for an important position. Ashley said she would have her husband hand the application to the proper person. We were meeting her for lunch. My sister and I walked the 4 blocks to the restaurant. On the way she told me she had just had a panic attack. It had startled her because she hadn’t had one for a long time. I saw the fear. The pill had helped. We were off to meet Ashley. During lunch my sister shared her story of the traumatic dismissal she had from her job of 30+ years. Ashley started to cry. She could feel my sister’s pain. She said, “I was only at my job 9 years and was let go. I can’t imagine how you must feel. I am so sorry. I will help you as much as I can get this job.”

Ashley’s empathy healed my sister. She knew Ashley knew her pain. Ashley sent me a private facebook message about how sorry she was that she broke down during lunch. She said, “That came out of nowhere. I can usually control my sadness and anger, but hearing your sister’s story brought mine all back.” I was able to tell Ashley that that was the precise moment of healing for my sister. That was when she knew you would do all you could for her. I had witnessed a God moment.

I had to get back home to meet someone who just resigned from working where I used to work. We did a project for a non-profit together. She said, “You know, Dawn, this is the first step in getting back in the saddle for me. Thank you.” Who knew that putting a few pieces of mail together for an organization would be the turning point for someone? We go through our day and we touch so many–sometimes, many times–more significantly than we ever realize. I’m off now to go to second-hand stores in my area. A friend’s father had a stroke and we are going to make vests with a sleeve for his paralyzed arm to go through. I thought if I could find the vests all we would have to do is make the sleeve attachment. My friend is legally blind and is trying to figure out how to care for her elderly father whose right side is paralyzed. In addition to her father’s difficulties, her husband had stents placed in his heart after a heart attack and she was forced into retirement after 35 years of excellent service at her place of employment. There is so much hurt, stress and need here. I don’t even know how she is finishing her last 17 days at her job.

My husband said something profound on Sunday, “Jesus’ death set into motion His life’s work.” It took Jesus’ DEATH to usher in the Kingdom. At the cross all looked hopeless. The disciples went into hiding for fear of their lives. They were dazed and confused. There were probably panic attacks, tears and moments of despair. He had told everyone before He died that He would rise again and that it would be ok, but at the moment of His death it didn’t seem so. Praise Him today for whatever is happening in your life, for whatever is coming your way. Apparently, it is to be a part of the plan. He is faithful. You can trust Him.

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. ~ Jeremiah 29:11

God is good,



6 comments on “His love…for such a time as this

    • Sylvia,

      You DO so get this. You were right there when I was going through my own personal dark night not too long ago. You could help me because you had been there, different circumstances yet a dark night nonetheless.

      Blessings today, sent your way!

  1. Oh, Dawn!!! I get it, too! Your husband’s statement was profound, and as I thought about it, this came to me: Just as Jesus’ death set into motion His life’s work, so it is with us. We come to the place where we die to self and all our ambitions, dreams and earthly wants — and it is then, and only then, that our true life’s work begins as He works in and through us. We touched people before, but the touch was never lasting and eternal. We saw people before, but never in the light of life rays of Christ’s love. We helped people, but never with scars of empathy and compassion. What a difference it makes when all we do is with eternity’s values in view! I’ll be praying for your sister. I understand. I’ve been there. Today, as my oncologist told me that my response to treatment was “off the charts” and he considered it a miracle that I was here after 4 years, I could only walk out of that place, take a deep breath given to me by an eternal, living God, knowing that I’m here because He has a purpose and a plan. He always does. He always will. Your verse makes panic subside into peace, and picks me up into the arms of a Shepherd Who tells me of my sure hope in Him. Thank you for such a powerful post, Dawn!

    • Dear Cora,

      Hooray for 4 miraculous years! You don’t know it, but part of the reason you had to make it was because I needed you. I needed a friend like you, a mind like yours, the artistic prose that spills spontaneously from your hand, and I needed your spirit. You have so many gifts, but here you consistently bless us with the gift of interpretation. It’s like my posts are written in tongues and you make them plain for all who pass by here. Never leave me to myself. The power of this blog comes from the Spirit and many times He comes up through Florida.

      I was blessed by your presence here today,

  2. My favourite section in this post, Dawn, is where you say this . . .”We go through our day and we touch so many–sometimes, many times–more significantly than we ever realize”. This is so true and why it is so important to just be filled with His Spirit, His love, His joy and be who He designed us to be. So, my dear, I encourage you to carry on courageously being your uniquely fashioned self.

  3. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    It is always quite revelatory to me what one seizes in a moment with another. There are so many layers to every encounter…well, and in every bystanding, for that matter. If one is present to another, there can be attachments or judgements or unexpected emotions. Hmmm, my mind is spinning.

    Thanks for your encouragement. It has been a looong day. God’s richest blessings,

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