Scavenger Hunt Sunday #40

The prompts were

  1. Going Back in Time

  2. Something Just for Me

  3. Best Part of My Day

  4. Night & Day

  5. Look Up

Going Back in Time and Look Up

I am using this picture for two prompts. This is the dress shop marquis of the shop where I bought my wedding dress in 1969. The shop is no longer there, but the building is being restored and they painted over the letters above the door. I shot this looking up at the marquis from the sidewalk in front of the store. There is a reflection of the restored building across the street in the upper windows.

Something Just for Me

This is the window ledge above my kitchen sink. Everything here is mine: so each thing here is something just for me. I have a starter philadendron in a jar my mother painted, a little piggy pencil topper sitting on a candle my daughter gave me and tomatoes from my sister’s garden (I don’t even have a flower on my plants yet).

Best Part of My Day

Every day my husband and I take a walk at twilight. It is the best part of my day. I set my camera on its timer and we walked toward it so I’d have this picture. It is one of the best pictures I have of us from recent times. Thank you, Ashley, for the scavenger hunt. It makes me intentional about taking pictures of things dear to my heart.

Night and Day

This is an interesting little piece of equipment. It is a solar light. In order to give you the night/day aspects of it, I took a picture of it in a mirror. In the day, the light needs to be set in the sun so the solar cells on the top of it can gather energy needed to make the light functional at night. The light it emits is really bright and lasts 4 hours. It’s a great tool to pack if going to a place where there is no electricity!

That is all, Everyone. I hope you enjoyed your visit. I’m off to visit you. I hope you posted!



11 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #40

  1. Well, wow, you managed to do this amid your busyness. Glad you did. This is an especially endearing set with a sweet personal quality, real glimpses into your life and heart. Love it all.

  2. I have to agree, ladies, there is a very personal and endearing quality to submitted photos in the hunt this week. Three of the clues in particular, call forth self-revelatory interpretations. Dawn, I love the shot of the shop marquee and the reflection . . . perfectly addresses both prompts in a delightful way. I like your little collection on the window sill, too. (My tomatoes are about the size of a small walnut.) The solar light is very cool, but my absolute FAVOURITE is you and the preacher man, holding hands and walking boldly into our future.

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      Now I know how to spell marquee. Spell check didn’t correct it because there is a marquis but it is a different definition, which, I knew, but I thought the sign may be the same spelling. It is not. I surely learn a lot on this internet. I think it’s because I have met smart people here.. Your FAVOURITE is my FAVORITE!

      Love you,

  3. Love all your shots. The reflection… Both old buildings and the stories they could tell if they could talk. The jar… your mom turned into a vase and a cherished memento with a few awesome strokes of a brush. And you and your man ….walking forward, confident, looking ahead and not back, staying in step with each other, hand in hand, smiling both… You are photographing so much more than what the eye can see.

  4. Artistically the first is my absolute favourite; because I love you guys both, the one of you two is my heart favourite! I want to find a solar lamp like you shared and I also am still looking for my tomatoes 🙂 Blessings dear friend with all my love!

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