Scavenger Hunt Sunday #41

The prompts: Mobile, Hanging by a Thread, Collage, Look on the Bright Side, Home

Dear Friends who will drop by here from the great Ashley Sisk Scavenger Hunt Sunday,

I truly must confess that most of these pictures are old shots. The prompt “mobile” had me downloading my camera photos FOR THE YEAR and I used a couple of them plus an old non-mobile one. The only ones I took this week were “hanging by a thread” and “collage”. I used my photo booth to take a silhouette of myself for “collage”. Anyway, that is a BIG job done, sorting all those camera pics. Also, I am happy to report that I will be working for pay again. I begin on Monday so I spent much of this week preparing for that. I am just so thankful that I am able to post the hunt. It’s Saturday night and I am just putting on the finishing touches. I hope you enjoy what you see.


My husband, son and two of the grandkids and I went to get ice cream. Across from the ice cream store is an old cemetery where my father’s mother’s family Have been buried for generations. Their tombstones go back to the early 1700’s and have revolutionary soldier markers on some of the graves. Having 3 generations of my own family walking down to the graves was a photo moment to me. I didn’t have my camera, but I did have my phone! I love how the light showered my family with glory rays from heaven.

Hanging by a Thread

I marvel every time I see a spider weaving a web. I have trouble crocheting with a hook and two hands and he makes this out of spit!


Me, me and me

Look on the Bright Side

I was walking home on the dark side of the cemetery (not the same cemetery as the one above) and “looking on the bright side”. I love the rainbow effect the sunset had.


This is my home. I love every little inch of it. My husband did it all over inside and then we contracted to have siding and a sun room put on. Every time I look at it I say, “You are the cutest little house.” I am so thankful I can call this wee bit of a house “Home”.

Have a great week,



15 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #41

  1. The job is official, then! Congrats! Doesn’t God make things interesting?
    I love your collage of you, you and you. I wonder how you did that! And I think you have a really cute house, too. Something more than just its physical appearance appeals to me. It seems to exude a warm spirit… (must be yours!)
    God bless your coming week!

    • You know, I really don’t know how that collage came together. It is all in the software package. Photo Booth is a fun package that came with my computer. My older granddaughter loves to fool with it when she is here. I have a whole lot of pictures of her “just being silly” with Photo Booth.

      I will keep you posted on the job adventures. I truly hope this is the last one of my career, but one NEVER knows. His ways are past finding out…

      Thanks for coming alongside,

  2. Woohoo and congratulations, girl! God is so good. I will be at least until tomorrow before I get my hunt pictures up . . . I had an outing with Colleen today and now I am house-sitting so I haven’t got everything together. But I am able to view yours; I am sure you will see a spider web in mine as well and probably quite a few others. I would just so love to knock on the front door of your ‘home’ and come in for cup of tea or two. Love those glory rays in that first shot and your collage is very fun.

  3. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    The greeting at the door of my home is a bit chaotic with 3 dogs. We have a sliding door at the kitchen entrance which we close and a regular door at my husband’s office entrance with a dog gate across it. We close that, too, to keep the dogs away from people coming into the sun room. After about 5 minutes and the dogs realize the people who have come in are ok with us, we can let them mingle, but until then it is barking chaos.

    We also have a big pad that covers the table when we are not using it because Mickey sits atop the table when it is not in use by humans. It is a constant on and off process to keep the table surface Mickey-proof for meals, grandchildren, art/games and crafts. The doors and gate work well, too, for giving Sebastian, our hospice dog, a quiet place to eat away from the other two.

    Anyway, if you’re up for a bit of excitement, the tea is always on and I’d truly love to brew some of your company’s coffees, as well. What a ministry!


  4. Very nice set. I think it’s wonderful to have your family visit the cemetery. So few in my family other then my mom & I visit my dad’s grave and I find that a little sad.
    Hanging by a Thread – Oh these spider shots are just so cool. I mean it is totally amazing how they spin their webs.
    Collage – Very creative and fun.
    Always look on the bright side – I do love the sun in that photo.
    Home – It looks comfy and that’s the best kind.

    • Ida,

      I’ve missed you. Where have you been? I have looked for your link over at Ashley’s and couldn’t find it. I’m so glad you came by and left your usual thorough comments. They are a treasure to me.


  5. It has to be the spider webs for me! We have those big spiders here in FL, and they seem to like to spread those webs between two trees. When I walk through the woods, I guess I’m as tall as they like to spin those webs, because I usually get a face full! I remember going to an art show once and seeing these webs mounted on black velvet. They had been sprayed gold or silver while still hanging, then she walked with the velvet into the web, and they stuck beautifully! Framed, they were just stunning! I just HATE the spiders, though!

    And I LOVE your house! It looks “Kuz-EL-uch” ( phonetic spelling of the dutch word for homey, cozy, inviting, warm, etc.)

    Working for pay????? Do we get to hear more about this?????

    • Dear Sweet Cora,

      I put the bread header up for Multitudes on Monday because it is a principal in my stories for the post, but I haven’t posted it yet so it doesn’t make much sense…but it will!

      Missed you,

      PS Yes, a job for pay! It is full of miracles so I need to do a post.

  6. Dear Verna and Karen,

    The shot of my grandchildren in the cemetery will always be one of my favorite pics of all time. I’m really glad I had my phone that day…and remembered to use it!

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