Back to school through work

I am a parish nurse, a nurse who helps those in need in her church. I do not necessarily meet the need myself, but I know how to get the need met and I act as a resource person to accomplish this. In May I got certified as a parish nurse and intend to practice in my church as the Lord opens the way. What I needed was a paying job and a way to learn how to help people in my church access the resources they need to help one another in their homes. On Monday I got hired to do a job where I will learn just this. I will be trained to be an Information Referral Center RN for SUN Home Health and Hospice. This is a HUGE answer to prayer because of its specificity.

SUN Home Health is going to teach me all I need to know to link families with resources in their communities (they cover 13 counties in central PA), how to pay for those resources and the in’s and out’s of the referral systems as they stand through central Pennsylvania today. I am so utterly blessed. I didn’t even know such a position existed. I was waiting to hear from a couple other positions I applied for and this one “dropped from heaven”.

The information I will learn is just what I need to be a good parish nurse now in my free time and full-time when I officially retire. Also, this position is 3 pm – 11 pm so I can still be a nurse at St Anthony’s free medical clinic on Wednesdays and do First Place 4 Health on Friday mornings! How’s that for perfect!? I have a 30-minute drive to get to work, but the road I drive on is a non-congested superhighway. Interestingly, they hired another woman to work 3 pm – 11 pm in the same center as I am in and she is from (drum roll, please) Williamsport! We share the driving and the expense of commuting is cut is half. She worked for my former employer, also, and understands how blessed we both are. It’s just SO great.

SUN Home Health just contracted to be the answering service for all the Family Practice physicians in the Williamsport area. Guess what? Amy (my co-worker) and I know all those physicians already. Truly the Lord has walked before me. I am His child and He has made my path straight. I am in awe of His provision for me. I really needed good benefits for both my husband and myself. They have them and at a reasonable cost, also. The deductible is quite good and there is a prescription plan and a free dental plan and more, but you get the idea! Oh, and my present doctor is “in network” so I don’t have to change a thing. Hooray! Hooray!

I think it’s time for a victory dance. I love Danielle’s

He is able,



10 comments on “Back to school through work

  1. Why am I not surprised????? I’m “Wow-ed” like Sylvia R. above me, but maybe I’m finally “getting it.” Here we are, daughters of the King, princesses! Should we be surprised that our Father would do such things for us?????

    This is just so beautiful, Dawn. And all I can hear Him whisper is, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not!” You called, He answered, and He showed you.

    This just made my day, and it’s barely started yet!

    • Dear Cora,

      You understand so well this feeling of excellence in execution of a plan. He is such a Master Designer. Cora, do you know that song by Ralph Carmichael Master Designer? We know tis true.

      There is a chorus of Jeremiah 33:3. I think I will go to You Tube and see if I can worship a bit right now.

      I love you, Cora!

  2. Yeah God! Yeah Dawn! This is so perfect that only a perfectionist Lord could have orchestrated it. So, why do WE think we have to worry, fret and make it happen when all we really need to do is what that good old hymn says, “Trust and Obey”
    I’m so, so happy for you. Hugs,

  3. You know… Seeing God at work …. We know what he can do. .. and yet, each miraculous development still fills me with a sense of awe and humility. I already had my exuberant moment in my email. I am now humbled and weepy. Thank you, thank you Lord, for every puzzle piece fitting together. Thank you for giving us signs that you hear us and see us and your promises are real. Thank you for relief for Dawn. Thank you for letting her be fired (yes I said thank you) and for letting us live to see the next chapter with her. Oh, wow!

  4. Carrie,

    I posted this for you, particularly, because you asked for the details. I wanted everyone to know them but your specific asking for them nudged me to make this post. Thanks for walking with me through this. Thanks for being a witness to it and a megaphone that God get the glory throughout our mutual acquaintances. We truly are realizing to be thankful for ALL things and I’m happy to be learning it with you by my side.

    Hugs from the North,

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