Scavenger Hunt Sunday #42

The prompts were: forest, morning light, touch, newspaper and coffee or tea. Here we go….


I attend a small country church. The church yard is a big open space by the forest. Today we had our Summer Church Picnic. We played games in the church yard by the forest.

Morning Light

Plants in my sun room reflect the early morning light.


My 5-year-old grandson, Luke, and I were playing in the sand yesterday. I showed him how to write on a rock with a soft stone. He said, “Mamie, how did you get chalk in that stone?” I was surprised he had never written on a rock with a stone! We had fun leaving our artistic “touch” in the community park’s sand box.


I had some silly putty for Luke to pick up comic pictures from the newspaper. His Dad went to the recycling bin to get some newspaper comics since we don’t get the paper, but we do live by the recycling bins. Luke could only do his silly putty AFTER his Daddy read all the comics!

Coffee or Tea

Spice tea complements an Indian dinner with a friend. This picture was from the archives, but was taken this summer.

I hope you had a chuckle here or there. I’m off to see how others interpreted this week’s fun prompts. It’s always an adventure!

See you,



10 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #42

  1. Loved your pictures today, Dawn. They all brought a smile. But I especially loved the sandbox and the stone with Luke’s name on it. I always find it amazing that a child finds his name so important! Loved the little clover flowers arranged on that stone, too. We talked in church tonight about being an aroma of Chirst. Made me think of that.

    And I love the morning light. There’s just something about the first rays of light in the morning. For me, it’s all grace! A do-over. Another chance to get it right. Another opportunity to grow, to share life and light with someone else. . . And another opportunity to come here and share a little in your life!!!! Loved it all!

    • The first rays of light in the morning: a do-over, another chance, another opportunity…I LOVE these words. Tomorrow morning as the morning rays peer around the blinds of my bedroom I will remember what you said here. You never fail to bless me, Cora.

      Till our next opportunity,

  2. I have to say, once again, Dawn that I really see growth in your photography skills. I especially love the last one . . . great perspective and very appealing subject, crisp and clear . . . could be in a magazine. I can’t help smiling at your touch shot and (Cora’s comment) and your newspaper shot . . . the relational aspect to these photos is just precious. Morning light is so pretty and I love that you have a sun room and the variety in your collection of plants.

    • You are such a tender-hearted friend. You look at each picture and REALLY see it. I am glad you like the pictures. They are precious to me because they cause me to remember a moment in time and someone in that moment. Even the plants remind me of my niece, Anna, who gave them to me to break up the monotony of the cactus and peace lilies. Apparently, she succeeded!

      I’m heading on over the The Art of Life…

  3. Very interesting set. Your “Touch” photo was just precious.
    Newspaper brought back memories from my childhood and using the comics and Silly Putty!
    Great shot for Coffee/Tea, that dinner looks so interesting. What all was being served?

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