Lazarus comes forth

Jesus strolls into town, has the stone rolled away from the tomb of his dead friend Lazarus, calls for him to come out

How many times have I heard that story? At least a couple hundred times, but this day it was like I heard it

I thought about what this miracle did to Mary, Martha and Lazarus after Jesus left. Here was a man the Pharisees hated for rising from the dead. Every time they saw him it was a reminder that Jesus had power over death. They couldn’t stand this man and his sisters. Some Biblical scholars say that Mary, Martha and Lazarus had to go to Egypt to live for fear of their lives. Meanwhile, the miracle worker was on His way to Calvary.

The raising of Lazarus happened between Palm Sunday and Easter. He had let the people in Jerusalem worship him as if he were the messiah. This made the chief priests angry, but Jesus wasn’t deterred. He headed right on down to Bethany and brings a man (unquestionably dead) back to life. It was a dress rehearsal of sorts for His own resurrection that would happen at the end of that very week. Why did He do it? He knew His friends would suffer. He knew everything, but He did it anyway. Were His tears when He heard Lazarus had died shed because He knew what they would have to suffer when He raised Lazarus from the dead? This is a story with so many questions. If we walk daily with the Master, if we are in His innermost circle, we do not have a free ride. Indeed you may be on the front lines right alongside Him as you walk with Him this Wednesday. If you are, you are in good company. Never forget that.



4 comments on “Lazarus comes forth

  1. Indeed! We do not have a free ride! There is a price to be paid for relationship. Including that we need to be willing to go to the front lines to find Him. This week I’m thinking particularly of teachers who brave the classrooms. They are in good company indeed!

    The visual of Mary, Martha and Lazarus fleeing for their lives as part of their price… Much to ponder there… Wonder how it went for them in Egypt. You sure got blessed through your departure! Looks like the price we pay, pays us back many times over. Learning to overcome fear of change on the journey! Learning to patiently wait and see what the Lord is up to. Learning to live in the moments and enjoy the blessings around me wherever I am.

    • Learning to live in the moments and enjoy the blessings around me wherever I am. Thanks, Carrie, I take that with me as I go make home health visits with a nurse today. I am stoking my “noticer” so I don’t miss anything.

      Have a great day yourself,

  2. Amen my friend – no free rides – even if were riding along with our Lord. He picked up his cross – we have to pick up ours. Loved each and every one of your words today – and thank you for being patient as I’ve disappeared – I’m still not all the way back yet – but I’m fighting the good fight. God bless and keep you and your hubs and the muttlies.

    • Craig,

      Of all people, you certainly know this: no free rides. You have paid and paid and paid. It was SO good to see you surface here today. Do take care. You have so very much to give.


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