Scavenger Hunt Sunday #43

It’s that time of the week again, time to get out the spy glasses (camera lenses), good comfortable walking shoes (especially this week since I broke 3 toes), an enthusiastic partner (my effervescent husband) and a great photo editing program (mine is photo shop) to join up with Ashley Sisk and the community of scavengers for Scavenger Hunt Sunday! Yeah! Now that Felicity is a month old and well on her way to college, might we catch glimpses of her with a school backpack for this week’s “school” prompt?

The other four prompts were:

  1. Rule of Thirds
  2. Side Profile
  3. Small
  4. Motion


Folks, this is a stretch, I know, but there will be no more picnics because the grandkids are back in school. The table looks lonely, doesn’t it

Rule of Thirds

I’ve always, always, always loved black-eyed susans, but I never had any of my own. This year my son, Harry, gave me his leftover wildflower seeds to plant. I did. Look what I got–heaven on earth.

Side Profile

This is my oldest grandson’s pancake-eating technique. He demonstrates this a couple of times per week. It makes me think of my father who used to do this every time he had a knife. Sorry if this rattles your sensitivities. It’s something that just goes on and on in our family. We do try to get them to keep their tongues off the knives in polite company!


I took a close-up of this wee worker collecting pollen from the flower. As bees go he is relatively large, but small compared to the things around him. He is a carpenter bee and they have taken over the task of pollinating since the honey bees are becoming scarce due to a small mite wiping out their colonies. I think this is quite an adaptation! See the pollen on his legs. He is really loaded down. I was so happy when I got this picture.


If you read my last post, “Comfort is overrated,” this will make sense. In order to get from the small circle to the big circle one must move out of one’s comfort zone, one must set oneself in motion. This picture was taken by one of my readers and I really love it. Thank you, Carrie!

Going over to Ashley’s to see your pics now,



22 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #43

    • It was yesterday’s post. I learned a lot from Dr. Friedman and found his practical tips on helping children be more optimistic so useful. I hope you like them, too. I juxtaposed his ideas with Ann Voskamp’s wonderful emphasis on gratitude and its healing power.


  1. Sorry for your lonely picnic table, Dawn . . . it looks like a lovely spot for a sit-down with the grandkids. Love your explosion of black-eyed Susans (I have them in my hunt photos this week too, but for a different prompt). Profile is perfect and my sensibilities are none the worse for having seen a knife-licker. Love the bee with his bags full of pollen. Have a great week at work, dear lady.

  2. Oh your poor toes!! I hope they heal quickly. I’ve only ever broken one at a time and I know how painful THAT was :(. I love that pancake eating technique and the photo that captured it!

  3. I wish I could claim credit for the magic shot, Dawn, but I plucked it from Facebook. We will have to acknowledge “anonymous ” I stoved the middle toe once and hobbled for six weeks! You poor soul! Toes are way more important than we think! Hurry and heal.

  4. you and Andrea with the gorgeous black eyed susans! love them. and the knife licking boy 🙂
    i went out of my ‘husbands’ comfort Zone for me and swam one hour downstream in our marvelous Willow River. It was simply heaven to meander gently downstream and be a part of all of God’s marvelous design along the way. It took 2 and 1/2 hours in raft and only an hour swimming… so much fun!

    • Dear Susan,

      Sometimes it is a dilemma going to do something we really really enjoy and keeping our husband’s from worrying. Perhaps some sort of emergency gadget you could press if you were in trouble or a dog that would run to get help if you needed it. I can see why your being alone on the river would make him nervous. You Daredevil, you!
      I can see you laughing and praising all the way downstream!

      Have a thankful Monday,

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