The new job

I was hired on August 8, 2012 to begin a new job. I will never forget that date because my good cyber-friend, Andrea Dawn, was hired the same day and she told me 8 is the number of new beginnings in the Bible and the fact that we were hired on 8/8 was telling. One 8 was for her and one 8 was for me, just kidding. Anyway, it is now September 8 and I would like to write a bit about what’s been happening on the job front. My new work is answering phones all day. Those who know me know just how much I hate talking on the phone, but somehow this is different. This is not idle chit-chat, this is problem-solving and coordinating solutions for people in need. After 30 years of using my physical self in nursing, I needed work that would enable me to use the 30 years of knowledge I had accumulated without having to “break my back” using it. After 30 weeks of searching and praying, I believe this is God’s answer for me.

I work in an information referral center for a home health and hospice agency that covers 13 counties in central Pennsylvania. The referral center takes calls from nurses in the field; case managers in hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities; patients and caregivers in the home; free-standing and hospital laboratories; and for family practice physicians offices after they close every weekday and throughout the weekends. It is extremely complicated and I am told not to expect to be proficient for 6 months nor be able to really troubleshoot most situations for a year. I’ve been on the phones for a week now and I truly believe it will take every bit of that time. At one point I didn’t think I would be able to do this because there are so many many things to learn. Then my son, Harry, lent me the book In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day and a fellow employee told me her story of starting the job and not ever being exposed to a computer, and, finally, my preceptor saying, “If we had enough confidence that you could do this job to hire you, you simply have to have enough confidence in yourself that you can do this to keep orienting.”

God is the Creator and He can create in me what I do not presently have in myself. I simply must trust Him. Moreover, God is my Father and He loves seeing His children succeed. As Mark Batterson so aptly says it in his book, “God is actually scrapbooking. Scripture calls it a “scroll of remembrance.” I believe He wants to have a page of Dawn successfully fielding calls in the information referral center at SUN Home Health and Hospice.  He wants me to take care of those needing home care and those dying in their homes and in hospice facilities. He wants me to meet the needs of families who don’t know what to do when they are ill and their doctor’s office is closed. He wants me to care for the nurses and aides who are having problems on the road. He wants me to be successful for His glory. I cannot fail.

For His glory,



8 comments on “The new job

  1. “God is the creator, and He can create in me what I presently do not have in myself. I simply must trust him!”. Yes, Dawn!! The faith and trust chair! Lord, help us SIT in Cora’s trust chair. My faith is intentional…. Until I act on it by trusting and moving forth using that faith.

    Your work chair?? I would be calling it my “Trust Chair”. I would call it that every day, like a pet name. I would sit in it with delight and glee. It would become like a friend to me, my special chair. And in it, I would stretch out my arms and say, “Lord! I am in this chair, ready to do your will. I know you will present me with all that I need. God, you are so good to me.”

    (Ha! I love when there’s a real chair!)

  2. Love hearing about your work, Dawn, which. by the way sounds like a much more noble endeavor than my new job. However, I do believe, that helping a business prosper keeps workers working and helps the economy. which is also a good thing.
    At the very least it is provision for me and enables me to give to the work of the kingdom, which is my great delight.

    I love knowing that you and I are both leaning hard into the LORD for each day’s grace. It can sound very cliche, and easier said than done, but it so beautiful to see each day unfold and find He has not let me down. What I need when I need it. To look behind me and see that His goodness and mercy have followed me throughout the day.

    I sure do love Him,
    Andrea Dawn

  3. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    I grieve that much of my work seems irrelevant to the needs of the people. Sending a physical therapist or occupational therapist into a very debilitated 90-year-old woman’s home seems ludicrous to me, but we do it all the time. I think it is very wasteful governmental spending. What these people need are personal care attendants (which the government does not pay for unless skilled nurses are also in the home). There is a lot of waste, I am sad to say. It does, however, keep workers working and helps the economy which IS a good thing.

    May we both sit in our Trust Chair and bring Him glory,

  4. I am reading again this morning, what you wrote about about personal care attendants not being paid unless there is also a skilled nurse in the home. I can see, as I approach old age with none of my children in the same state, how nonsensical that is. If my brain is fine but I am getting crippled up with arthritis, I will need physical help, not brain help. So they toss me in a very expensive nursing home instead?? ……..pondering that…..

  5. Yes, Carrie, personal attendant’s come at personal expense to the patient. Medicare does not pay for them independently. Sometimes we send skilled nurses in just to get the person what they really need, which is a bath and a cleaning person. It’s that crazy government again!!!!!

    PS I just had to say that I’d love to be with you when your brain is working fine….just kidding, Dear One! You left it wide open for me on that one! Smile!

  6. Such good news about your job, Dawn, and I believe you are definitely suited for it. I know you are caring and diligent and indeed brilliant in your area of work. What a blessing you will be to those in medical need. I know you will always pray for wisdom and discernment. God is indeed faithful and good!

    • In my life when the times are difficult He is so very near. Reading and studying Dark Night of the Soul, I believe I am one of His weaker vessels because He tends to me so closely. Only the very strong can endure struggles and keep their faith without having a sense of His presence. His presence is so palpable to me that I know He knows I need it. He won’t give me more than I can bear and He knows I couldn’t bear not to feel Him near. I am thankful for palpable guidance right now. I am inhaling the strength that comes through His spirit and I have my armor on for each new day. His work is getting done.

      Bless you, Susan,

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