Scavenger Hunt Sunday #45

It’s that time of the week again, Sunday, when those of us in the Ashley Sisk community display our interpretations of the prompts for the week. This week’s prompts were given by Terrie at Creative Explorer and they were: 1) Monochromatic 2) Starts with the letter… 3) Upside Down 4) Hair and 5) Soft. I had to reach into the archives for monochromic because I just couldn’t seem to frame anything monochromic this past week, but this old picture of my friend, Barb, fits the bill nicely. I hope you enjoy what you see. I certainly have a fun Sunday afternoon perusing around others’ sites!


Green was the color of the day when I shot this picture. Barb was “manning” the Red Cross trailer for victims of flooding that occurred in our area just one year ago this month.

Starts with the letter

My family’s last name starts with the letter “B”. These are the coasters we use every day to protect the wooden table in our dining area. They also make great stacking toys for the grandchildren when they are not otherwise in use.

Upside down

This is a very common site in our family. There are lots of kids at most gatherings and there is always one upside down somewhere. They are a lively bunch and I would have it no other way! Pop Pop and I bought this swing set and one like it for each of our sons’ yards. They were a very good investment as you can see!


This is my husband’s brother with no hair and his lovely wife with hair. They are the best siblings a couple could have.


This was the sky last evening when my son and his 3 children got into their van to return home after visiting for the day. My oldest granddaughter said, “Mamie, take a picture of this and put it on Facebook. It is so beautiful.” Ah, it really was. I didn’t tell her that it looked like a tornado sky, and it turned out it was. How can something so soft and lovely point to such a devastating funnel? I’m certainly glad we didn’t see the funnel, but I am sorry others around us did.

May you sense the Lord’s presence as you begin your week,



12 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #45

  1. I love all the green in your monochromatic shot, of course, and that is a very regal looking “B”. Have the grandkiddies ever talked you into hanging upside down, “Mamie”? Who would have thought such a gorgeous sky could be the precursor to something so dangerous. Great set, Dawn, so happy to see that we can still do the hunt despite the new jobs.

    • I would LOVE to hang upside down, but the discs in my back can’t take it. The grands are always wanting me to do something and I have to say I can’t. It is just the way it is. They are so dear. They understand and skip off to the next thing. I do what I can and I think they know it. Their parents explain why Pop Pop and I can’t do everything like we used to.

  2. I love the sky (not the funnel)
    l love the smiley faces… hair and no hair.
    It is wonderful that you have had a summer full of days with the grandkids. I know your heart will be full!
    I am blessed that this year you didn’t deal with a flood? did you?
    Your flowers at the top remind me of my sunflowers… they bring such a smile to the countenance
    Blessings dear friend

    • You always enjoy my family things, perhaps as much as I enjoy yours. It is so fun being with you vicariously through pictures. We do have wonderful lives, we two!
      We did not have a flood this year and we are very thankful. Some are still no completely resettled from last year. The pictures in my Smilebox of the beams across the river is the rebuilding of a bridge across the river that overflowed. We’re still very much “in process”.

      Speaking of flowers, the church organist gave me the gladiola bouquet that she picked from her garden and placed in church today. You would love its deep purples…so elegant. I was blessed when she told me to take them home after everyone had a chance to enjoy them in church.

  3. Wow, the whole set is great, but I LOVE your interpretation of hair. Made me giggle since it’s similar to mine. I also love the B. We collec Ps for our last name. And soft is beautiful. Great job.

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