Thankful for all obstacles

In his book, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, Mark Batterson tells me that opportunities often look like insurmountable obstacles. Sometimes it takes a setback to get us to go where God wants us to go (stubborn Israelites that we are). A setback we perceive as a problem may be the gateway to the opportunity of a lifetime! On the heels of this reading, I see what Andrea Dawn says in her blog

Another week under my belt at work and things are coming along more smoothly.  At least until they throw something new at me again, which I am pretty sure will happen for some time to come. That’s okay though, because when I am fully trained and it comes as naturally as breathing, I will LOVE it.

Yes! Everything thrown at me right now at my new job is hard and difficult and unwieldy because it is unfamiliar. It is fraught with problems because I don’t know how to deal with the logistics of the job yet. It’s not quite like I am in a pit with a lion on a snowy day, but it is uncomfortable. It is full of obstacles because I don’t know the steps and the not knowing stops me from moving forward smoothly, confidently and with ease. But if I weren’t forced to struggle, if I didn’t have to go slow and pattern myself, if I weren’t willing to look foolish and stupid over and over again, I would not earn the confidence of those who entrusted this job to me and, thereby, the right to do it. They hired me because they believed in me. They believed I could endure months of ineptitude and become a polished member of the triage team. They have set me at the gateway to an opportunity just suited to one with years of health care experience, but one who can no longer run up and down the hallways of a hospital nor lift the increasingly-heavy members of the US population. I am coming to the age where my hands can no longer palpate the vein or hold the writhing child still. My eyes can no longer see the small print on the vials of medications and my ears can no longer hear the faint heart sounds emitted through an ordinary stethoscope. I can, however, problem-solve, coordinate and triage. I can listen, discern and discuss. My superiors value my experience. They are paying for what I KNOW. I will, through the grace of God, prevail; and when I do, I will be polished and I will LOVE this job!

So this Monday, I am thankful for these obstacles of my job refining me to be useful for His purposes:

#800 having to hit the pound key before and after each thing I have to do on the computer and remembering to WAIT for the prompt to pound.

#801 each of three identical screens that have different rules for their use. Presently I don’t know how to use them depending on how I go to them from home because I don’t understand what the differences are according to the route from home taken. Is this clear? (as mud, yes?)

#802 not knowing who is in charge of what so I know who to notify about what. This agency covers 13 counties!

#803 not having a system to remember 10 things at once.

#804 a preceptor who has to do everything herself and does not give me hands-on practice time unless she is called away from her desk.

#805 each insurance company covering things differently and not yet knowing what the red flags are for each company.

#806 no coffee maker.

#807 a memory not quite as sharp as it once was and has to have lots of repetitions to cement new information into it.

#808 my temperament that hates to feel foolish. There is no way I can avoid it in this situation.

#809 my lack of: prayer, dependence on Him and death to self.

Won’t you please pray for me…please!?

Posting this before I go to the phones this Multitudes on Monday,


7 comments on “Thankful for all obstacles

  1. Yes, Dawn, I am praying for you! You will get it! I remember how “stupid” I was when I first began my OB career. I couldn’t do anything right! One of the physicans was always picking on me. Finally, dear Joan Heckrote told me that I had to have confidence and stand up for myself. After that, I was able to learn more readily and the rest is history. You have the Lord with you – whom do you fear? It will come and you will be great! You have compassion and empathy, something that can’t be learned. Go forth! Take each day with the Lord and know that you are where you need to be!

    • Thank you, Deb. You really know me and having your vote of confidence means a lot. I know this job is perfect for me. I just need to doing the practicing needed to make beautiful music which you know all about, my Master flautist friend.

  2. Praying for you today, dear lady . . . all will be well. You will learn what you need to learn and then be able to release all that wisdom and knowledge that you carry into each situation that arises.

    • I started praying for you right after I posted the comment above and this is the picture the Lord gave me. You, on an unbroken horse, being tossed and turned and whipped around for what seemed like an eternity. In reality though, it was only a matter of minutes and then the horse settled and you now had the mastery of it and the horse was your willing servant. So hang on for the wild ride, Dawn, and soon you will be galloping along with ease and skill and it will be thrilling.

  3. Maybe Susan can find me a picture of a woman riding an unbroken horse to print out and post near my work computer along with your words of wisdom which I have quoted above. Thanks for praying and thanks for what He showed you. I do love you, Andrea Dawn.

  4. I, too, began praying for you when I read this — just a few minutes after you posted it. As I prayed, a verse came to me — the perfect caption to that picture of you riding an unbroken horse — Psalm 138:8: It says, “The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me.” You know, Dawn, I don’t think any of us do anything “perfectly.” Our efforts never meet what we think are HIS standards. We are all broken vessels, and even the help we receive sometimes comes from others who are also broken. And we wonder how in the world God can use any of it to make a difference. Yet, in all that beautiful mystery of grace comes this promise and He takes what we have in our hands and somehow perfects it and uses it.

    I know your feelings of insufficiency and the trudging along through mistakes and needing help. I, too, am a person who always thinks I have to know it ALL before I can do a job in an efficient way. Yet, it is when I can’t, yet give it my all and leave the rest to Him that it seems somehow. . . . it all turned out much better than I ever dreamed could be possible. We only need to give him the reins of that unbroken horse and we ride into victory!

    Praying for you this morning. . . and throughout the day!

    • Today the lady who is “training” me told me she was my age when she began this job. She is now 68 and will retire in January. I think they paired me with her because they knew she would definitely understand my special learning needs at my age. What wise bosses and what a loving God to place me where I am! It is grace, Cora, that I know.

      He is the same God who brought YOU into my life with the wisdom you so freely share with me each step of the way. Yes, things go so much better when I do the best I can, but also hand Him the reins so He can guide my best efforts complete the work. My mind recalls the verse and the Stephen Curtis Chapman song, “He Who Began a Good Work in You” from Philippians 1:6 6 “being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ”

      He completes me,

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