Scavenger Hunt Sunday #46

I just got back from a morning bike ride. My friend, Ann, and I did our regular 8 miles, but, unlike usual, we stopped at a tea shop and had some hot chocolate at the end. You will see us sharing hot chocolate together in one of the pictures. The prompts were 1) kiss, 2) askew, 3) fragrant, 4) simple, and 5) plant. What fun we had pulling all these pictures together during our ride! Come with us and meet some of the people and peek in on some of the activities we passed along the bike path!


We passed this young couple pushing a baby carriage and walking their pug on a leash. When we passed them the first time I said to them, “Ah this brings back memories.” When we passed them a second time going home I thought they may just be willing to pose for one of my prompts. They were. The man said, “Do you want me to kiss the dog or my wife?” I told him I thought about qualifying that when I asked the question, but that I didn’t think he needed it. He didn’t. Wife is kissed, yeah!


This prompt kept both Ann and I looking and looking. We were almost home when we spied this camper with its awning all askew. Phew! I was going to resort to taking pictures of my living room with dog toys spread out everywhere. I didn’t have to, thankfully, because I had just picked up all the toys and vacuumed before leaving on my bike and I didn’t want to have to strew them out for a staged picture.


We passed a farmer making silage out of his old corn stalks. My how the air was filled with the fragrance of fall. You can see the fine bits of silage floating in the air as it is blown back in the container. It sparkled in the morning sunlight giving us the sense that we were watching fairy dust being made. It was delightfully magical.


The simple pleasures of hot chocolate with a friend in our neighborhood tea house – all free trade products, by the way, so that others may “simply live”.


We passed this lady digging the soil in a little plot by her trailer. When I told her what I was doing and asked if I could take a picture of her with her plants, she said, “Oh, yes, but I think we ought to go over by my flower bed. It would be much better over there.” So there you have it, the woman working with her plants in the better place in her yard.

I surely had fun today putting this together for you. Thanks, again, Ashley for hosting this truly wonderful hunt. If you’re passing by here and don’t know about the scavenger hunt just click here. Maybe you’d like to join us, and next week I could be checking out your photos, yes?

All is grace,



28 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #46

  1. How fun! Your silage one is fabulous… I love the sunlight filtering through and would love to be there to catch the fragrance… also of your hot chocolate and the sweet smelling fragrance that Christ is in your lives… the tea room looks inviting!

    • Someday you and I, Susan, will sit in a tea room together. It is on my Wish List. Perhaps we will go biking and smell the silage, too. In the meantime we will keep living for Him where we are.

  2. Oh the silage! I grew up on a dairy farm. Every Fall, the neighbors would band together, pooling their meager equipment, to go from farm to farm harvesting and chopping the corn and filling the silos. What a job in those days! Like the Amish, we womenfolk took turns hosting a huge feast for the workers. I’m remembering my mom making rhubarb and apple, lemon meringue and pumpkin pies. Thanks for the memory jogger! Great pic!

  3. Carrie,

    I didn’t know you were a dairy farmer’s daughter, but it all makes so much sense that you would be: great work ethic, always ready to roll up your sleeves and get in there and help, a cool head on your shoulders in times of stress, and a loving heart. I came from pig farmers. What does that make me?

    A kindred spirit,

  4. Great finds, Dawn . . . looks like you had fun finding them all. My favourite is the farm shot . . . it really is quite extraordinary the way you have captured the floating bits of silage. The tea room looks like a great place to connect with a friend. Way to go with a fun kiss shot, too. So nice of that couple to oblige you.

    • It was the floating silage that made me take the picture. It was so beautiful. I had to take it from far away and then zoom in in the processing. I was afraid I would lose the focus and sparkle, but I was very happy when I could see I didn’t. The couple was so fun!

  5. Dearest dear Dawn. Though you have not heard from me, I faithfully follow your words and pictures and thanksgivings. It took a year for me to figure out MY problem in being unable to comment. *sigh* Ah the glories of aging and technology. I DO want you to know that I receive your blog on my phone and read your words easily at anytime. What a blessing you are to my days. Life gets filled up sometimes, but my Lord Jesus is faithful and His Holy Spirit is never failing. Love, Liz

    • Dear Liz,

      Sometimes people have a long “leave of absence” for one reason or another. I totally understand this. I have missed you and your sweet, sweet words which always glorify the Lord and comfort His people. I am happy to see you here today. You receive my words on your phone?! That is something I still haven’t managed to graduate into. I think it would consume me so my phone only phones and wakes me up as an alarm clock. Smile. I pray you and your husband are as well as you can be. We are holding our own here. My son called his Dad this morning and I answered my husband’s cell phone because he was in the shower. I was talking to our son on my husband’s cell phone not knowing my husband was frantically looking for his phone downstairs. He thought it had dropped out of his pocket when he walked the dog earlier in the morning. We set one another into a panic at times. It would be funny if we weren’t so decrepit. I truly understand the old age and technology “thing”.


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